Foam, Glue, Tape And A Little Imagination


Hello and Welcome to the rcFoamFighters website and blog! This will be the place to find all the airplane plans and information we have created or gathered over the years of Flying RC planes. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the website and re-adding some of the old information that was previously here…. So please bare with us as we get things rolling again.

rcFoamFighters was started by myself, Paul Petty and my brother Frank Petty way back in 2009.  It was basically just an idea we had to build a YouTube Channel, and Website to share and learn together with other RC pilots. We had hoped in time would become a fun place to share this information.  Over the years we have built many planes from various types of materials. We were one of the very early adopters of using foamboard to create RC planes instead of Depron Foam. Also EPP Foam has been a favorite to build almost indestructible planes. Pretty much all the aircraft we fly or design are electric powered.  Lipo Batteries and Brushless Electric Motors have really come a long way and have made the hobby so much better.   We definitely have a love for making Speed planes, but do time to time make other just fun to fly planes. The last few years we have not had the time to spend on making new designs, but in 2018 we plan to get back at it and start making new Planes and Videos on our YouTube Channel.


At our YouTube Channel you can find nearly 300 videos of all the fun and crazy projects we have done since 2009.

YouTube Channel Link:

On the RC Plane Plans Tab of this website you can find information and links to PDF Plans of the planes we have released designs for. There is a mix of Free and Pay For plans there.  A direct link to our Plans Store can still be found at

In the end we would both just like to say Thank You to all the friends and fellow RC Fliers who we have met or just stopped by this page and YouTube Site.  Much Gratitude to all of you for the inspiration you give us!

Thank You,

Paul Petty and Frank Petty