FF-Mini Dragon - Information and Plans
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FF-Mini Dragon

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FF-Mini Dragon RC Model Designed by: Frank Petty
This an original RC model that features a forward swept maing wing and canards. The original RC model design was made with Readiboard brand Foamboard and covered with colored sealing/packing tape. Other materials such as Depron and Fan Fold Foam may be used to make this model, but may require carbon spars.
Tiled and Non-Tiled PDF Plan
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All funds raised by the sale of this plan and others on this site will help support rcFoamFighters many projects and endeavors. One of which is helping to fund and support the MESA rcFoamFighters after school program. We truely appreciate all your support!
  1. Wing Span: 24 Inches (60.96cm)
  2. Length: 28.23 Inches (71.70cm)
  3. AUW: 16.0 Ounces (435.6gm) (As Built with FoamBoard, Depron or Fan Fold may result in a lighter model)
  4. Servos: 2ea 9gm (HXT-900 Recommended)
  5. Motor: 2212-6 2200kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
  6. Speed: 60mph to 70+mph (96kph to 112kph) depending on motor used
  7. Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel with Delta mixing (Recomended 2.4ghz)
  8. Flight Skill Required: Beginner to Advanced
  9. Building Skill Required: Beginner
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Brushless Motors

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Radios and Tape

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