FF-SkyFighter V4 - Information and Plans
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FF-SkyFighter V4 RC Model Designed by: Jon McCarty
This RC model is an original model designed and developed by Jon. This plane was intended to be a modified version of the SkyFighter Frank Made. The wings have been swept back and the Vertical Stabilizer are now located on the wing tips. The model proved to ba a stable and agile platform and even capable of vertical take offs. The original RC model design was made with 15mm 1.9 EPP Foam and covered with fiberglass weave & colored sealing/packing tape. Other materials such as Blue Core Foam may be used to make this model, but will not be "Bulletproof". FFFTW!!!
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All plans are free, but if you would like to directly support and encourage the Model Designer, donations are welcome. Any help to support the rcFoamFighters team and their efforts is greatly appreciated.
  1. Wing Span: 34.33 Inches (87.2cm)
  2. Length: 23.4 Inches (59.44cm)
  3. AUW: 37 Ounces (1048.5gm) (Basic Setup as Built with 1.9 EPP)
  4. Servos: 2 Metal Gear Recommended)
  5. Motor: Turnigy 3536-1400 Motor
  6. ESC: HK 90A
  7. Prop: APC 10x5
  8. battery: 2650mAh 3S 30C or better)
  9. Speed: 80+mph with Turnigy 3536-1400
  10. Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel (Recomended 2.4ghz)
  11. Flight Skill Required: Intermediate to Advanced
  12. Building Skill Required: Beginner to Intermediate
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Brushless Motors

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TURNIGY 3536-1400
NOTE!!!! The shaft must be modified on the Turnigy 3648-1450 motor before it can be used!!!! You must switch the side the Prop attaches to by pressing the shaft forward.
See Video of Shaft Mod
Link to Motor
TURNIGY 3648-1450
(WOW 1600 Watts Man!!)
Brushless ESC's
Link to ESC
HobbyKing 90A ESC
Link to ESC
TURNIGY 100A K-Force (with BEC)
Lipo Batteries

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Turnigy 2650 3S 30C Lipo Battery
Link to Battery
Flightmax 2650ma 5S 40C
Hextronic 14G MG Servo
Hextronik MG-14 Metal Gear Servo

Turnigy 555MG Flat Wing Servo with Alum. Control Arms
Radios and Tape

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