Foam, Glue, Tape and a Little Imagination….img_0455 (FoamFighter 22 and 23)


Hello and Welcome to the rcFoamFighters Blog!

We are hoping that this blog page will be a good place to keep you all informed of our current projects, general news and basic topics as related to Scratch Built Remote Control Airplanes.

Just some quick info on us, rcFoamFighters is just a small informal remote control airplane club started by myself (Paul Petty) and my brother Frank Petty. We don’t consider ourselves experts on Remote Control Airplanes, but we have made several models and just thought it would be fun to share our ideas and RC plane Designs with others in the RC community. We started a YouTube channel on Jan 1st 2009 under the channel name “rcFoamFighters”. Here is a link to our channel : http://www.youtube.com/user/rcFoamFighters

Here you can find many of the Best RC Plane Plans we have made on this Blog site under the Planes tabs. The “Basic Planes” planes tab is a good place to start. These are all Free plane plans. The “Advanced Planes” tab are a little harder to build planes that should be built by those with some previous building experience. The plans for these advanced planes are available via our e-store. The last planes tab is the “EPP Planes” tab. These are also for more advanced builders and pilots. These planes are faster and harder to build because they are to made out of EPP foam.  We do have limited time to create plans, but please check back often as we will add more Plans as time goes by.

Last I would just like to thank all of you who have shown interest in what we do and follow our videos on YouTube. You keep us motivated to keep making new videos and always striving to make them better. I hope in time we all can share information and make rcFoamFighters into a good resource to share, learn and discuss Remote Control Airplanes.

So Thanks again and please stay tuned, as we will be consistently adding new content to this Blog!

Paul Petty(rcFoamFighters)