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Foam, Glue, Tape and a Little Imagination….

Hello and Welcome to the rcFoamFighters Blog!

We are just getting started to work on our regular website, but in the meantime we will be using this blog page to keep you all informed of our current projects, general news and basic topics as related to RC Park Flyer Airplanes.

Just some quick info on us, rcFoamFighters is just a small informal RC club started by myself (Paul Petty) and my brother Frank Petty.  We don’t consider ourselves experts on RC planes, but we just thought it would be fun to share our ideas and RC plane Designs with others in the RC community. We have recently started a YouTube channel as of Jan 1st 2009 under the channel name “rcFoamFighters”.  Here is a link to our channel :   

We are in the process of creating formal plans that will be available on our website when finished. So please bare with us as we are limited on time. I do promise it is coming, not sure how soon, but we will get there one day.

Last I would just like to thank all of you who have shown interest in what we do and follow our videos on YouTube. You keep us motivated to keep making videos and always striving to make them better.  I hope in time to make rcFoamFighters into a good resource to share, learn and discuss RC Air Planes.

So Thanks again and please stay tuned, we are just getting started!

Paul Petty (rcFoamFighters)