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Now that Phase 1 is complete our Bulletproof Build Along #1 will be moving into Phase 2.  Below we have listed the recommended parts that will be need to complete Phase 2 of this build.

General Building Materials:

  • 1/16″ x 4″ X 24″ Basswood (1) sheet
  • 1/8″ X 3″ X 36″ Balsa wood (1) sheet
  • 3/8″ X 3/8″ X 24″ Basswood (1) stick

Recommended Motor options:

Any 2000kv to 3000kv motor capable of 200watts output or more. Please note there are two motor options listed under motor examples. Please select accordingly to your flight skill. Option 1 is a less powerful setup, but should still offer great performance. Also option 1 is available at our Affiliate rcHotdeals at the link below, listed under “Combo Packages” once you follow the link. Option 2 is much more powerful and we recommend only pilots with some good flying experience to persue this option.
Motor Examples:

  • Option 1: Suppo BL-2212/6 2200kv Brushless motor & Suppo SP-30A ESC Combo (use 25c or 30c batteries)  Motor and ESC Combo available from our affiliate rcHotDeals, under “Combo Packages” for the low price of $29.99.


Link to rcHotDeals

Link to rcHotDeals


  • Option 2: TP 2415-09T 2700kv Brushless motor use with SuperSimple 50A ESC or equivalent 50amp ESC (must use 30c batteries with option 2). Option 2 is available via HobbyKing (HobbyCity). rcFoamFighters is not an Affiliate with HobbyKing (HobbyCity), but we have used them for parts on several occasions with positve experiences.

 Link to Option 2 motor at HobbyCity:

Motor stick mounts:

  • HTX stick mount (or equivalent stick mount)

Servos etc.

  • Hitec HS-82MG (2 needed) or any metal gear servos (9g to 19g)
  • Great Planes small 3/4″ nylon control horns (1 pair) or equivalent
  • Du-Bro super strength servo arms (1 set) or equivalent
  • Du-Bro control rods with metal clevis (1 pair) or equivalent

 Recommended Batteries 

  • Battery max constant amp draw must be 1.5 times motor max amp draw
  • Zippy Rhino 2250mah 3s1p 30c lipo batteries (67.5amp max constant)
  • Zippy Flight Max 2200mah 3s1p 30c lipo batteries (66.5amp max constant)


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So now it’s time to start Phase 1 of the Bulletproof Plane Build Along. In the below videos we start with going over the tools needed and then move on to drawing the wing layout on the EPP foam.

Link to Wing Drawing Dimensions  (This is not a template):


Stay tuned, this build will feature more videos soon.


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List of parts for Bullet Proof Plane build along #1

Delta Flying Wing design with KFm4 airfoil


EPP Foam from ( or

(1) 15mm EPP Foam Sheet 36″ x 24″

(2) 8mm EPP Foam Sheets 36″x 12″


From local hobby shop or craft store

(1) 3/32″x 3″x 24″ Basswood Sheet

(1) 3/8″x 3/8″x 24″ Basswood Strip


From HomeDepot, Lowes, or hardware store

(1) Roll of Henry’s 183 6″x 25′ Fiberglass Weave

(1) Can 3M 90 High Strength spray adhesive or equivalent

(1) Roll 3m Scotch cross weave strapping tape


   Tools Needed


– strait edge ruler 36″

– 90 degree square ruler

– box cutter and spare blades

– wood rasp

– handheld hotwire cutter (Styro Cutter)

– sanding block (course grit)

– fine tip marker

– scissors


List will be updated for Phase 2





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