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Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share a cool email I got from a viewer , Radek Stus, of the Czech Republic. He made an EPP version of the FF-117. Many thanks to Radek for sharing his story.


Below is his email:


Hi Paul,

first of all let me introduce myself. My name si Radek Stus, I´m from the Czech Republic.
I found your web sites a few weeks ago and after seeing some videos I decided to built the FF-117 according to your plans, because it looked so good!

I bought 8mm EPP board and started working.
After several days I finished the work. The plane didn´t look as good as yours, but it was my first attempt to do something like that, so I was quite satisfied.:-)
But to be honest, I didn´t believe I could fly this plane with my beginner skills (I started flying models at Christmas 2009).

Nevertheless, I was too curious and had to know whether I would keep it in the air for at least a few seconds!:-)
What a surprise was it for me, when my friend threw it in the air and I was able to control it… after a small changes in trimming it flew quite well.

I was using motor Turnigy 28-12 (some 1500 kV), 7″ prop, 1300mAh 3S battery…
The motor sound was noisier than a herd of buffalos:-), but it looked and sounded great in the air!:-)

I just wanted to thank you for your plans. I woudn´t have been able to build it without them!
And I´m also sending some pictures and videos of that FF-117.
I hope, you wouldn´t mind some small changes in the construction!:-)

Thank you once more, Paul!:-)
And I wish you just the best for the future!:-)

Radek Stus,
Czech Republic