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After using this system in my FunJet to hit 146mph I have to believe this is the ultimate low cost 1600watt power system for under $90.  I will definitely be using this system in more of my upcoming builds as I think there is more to be squizzed out of it!! If you haven’t seen the FunJet video please check it out below. I have also included direct links to the seperate components to this system for those who dare to go this fast!!!! The complete setup for under $90 includes the following (Click on the pictures to go to Hobby City’s Website for even more information) :
Turnigy 3648 1450kv 1600watt Brushless Motor

Turnigy 3648 1450kv 1600watt Brushless Motor


HobbyKing 90-100amp esc rated for 2s-7s LiPo Cells

HobbyKing 90-100amp esc rated for 2s-7s LiPo Cells


Turnigy 3-5amp UBEC rated for 2s-5s LiPo Cells

Turnigy 3-5amp UBEC rated for 2s-5s LiPo CellsZippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo


Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo

Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo



1600watt FunJet video – Hitting 146mph at Hermann Airport. Check it out!!!!

Hey everyone I finally put a 5 cell setup in my FunJet and man is it fast!!!! Below is the video of the installation and first test flights along with a list of the components and prices. I got all this from HobbyKing .com for under $90 so this is a very affordable and powerful setup (1600watts) Check it out!!

  • Turnigy 3648 1450kv brushless motor (rated @ 1600watts) $19.89
  • HobbyKing 90-100amp esc $29.99
  • Turnigy 3-5amp ubec (rated for 2-5 cell LiPo) $7.83
  • Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 5S1P 40C LiPo Battery $32.17
  • Total cost (89.88)

Link to!

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share a quick review of a some cool T-Shirts I recently ordered from  I also wanted to inform you all of the HistoricAviation website in general.

Well I’m not sure how many of you are into aviation as much as I am,  I really like to learn all I can and like to collect memorabilia. Not just about RC Planes but real planes and Jet Fighters too. Well a little while back my Dad gave me a catalog to a cool site called They had some really cool and unique stuff in the catalog.   From cool T-shirts, to vintage nose art, to ceiling fans that look like the front end of an aircraft!

(Here’s a link to the website, just click on the picture)

Seeing all these cool things in the catalog  promted me to see what they had online. Well I found the website and did some searching around. The website is a bit cumbersome and not very easy to find things. But after I spent a little time searching around I found some pretty cool stuff. I found it best to download the PDF catalog to view items, then once you find something cool, just search the website by the item number.

I did order a couple cool T-shirts, one of an F-22 and one of an F-35. I was a little disappointed when I ordered them because they were on back order due to popular demand. So it took about a month for me to get them. I did finally receive the shirts and found that they were pretty good quality and worth their value. The images on the back of each shirt is pretty detailed and of good quaility too. So if anyone else would like to get some cool shirts but not in a total hurry to get them (possible slow shipping), I put some links below for you.

(You can click on each of the pictures by size to follow a link to the website) 

F-22 T-Shirt LinksF-22 tshirt
Medium Large XLarge XXLarge


F-35 T-Shirt LinksF35-tshirt
Medium Large XLarge XXLarge

Here are those cool ceiling fans I mentioned. I think I may have to get one those some day for the hobby room downstairs!


Cool Ceiling Fan LinksP-51fan
P-51 P-40 F4U Sopwith

Anyway, long story short, I found that they had some really cool products if you are a big Aviation fan like I am. It is a little hard to browes the site at first, but if you download the PDF catalog it helps a ton. rcFoamFighters also now is an affiliate to We plan on adding more product reviews for this site in the future.


My name is Jon McCarty, some of you have seen me flying with Paul and Frank out at the Hermann Airport. Paul and Frank asked me to share a product I recently started using as an EPP plane covering. Its called Doculam (Well it used to be, I think it changed names). Its a laminating film, meant to run through a large laminating machine.  The film i am using is 1.7 mil CP, Its a low temp film perfect for foam use. The adhesive is heat activated so it only sticks where you want. The 25″ width on the rolls means you can use one piece and cover most park fliers. The company I ordered from sells this in 2 roll minimum’s but for a small surcharge they will sell one 500′ roll. which if your like me is more than you will probably ever use.

The film starts out a milky white color with a dull side and a shiny side, the dull side is the glue. I found a small craft iron at the local Wally world called the Tulip (Its pink, but it works and is $10) which after a few min. gets up to an almost perfect temp to apply the Doculam. I have also used the wife’s clothes iron, which heats up faster and is a bit hotter, caution the the low temp doesn’t need high heat, I use the big iron at about half temp.

Doculam before and after applying

One of the reasons I wanted to try this film is the fact that it can be painted. I have tried several types of spray cans,  from Wally world cheap stuff to Krylon Fusion, which I hadn’t found a way to use that on or even near foam. The Krylon Fusion works very well as a base coat with no chipping or peeling even when I folded a test piece 180 deg back on itself.

As far as strength goes, I recently had an opportunity to test the strength of the Doculam on my version of Franks Sky Fighter. at this time I believe I had the ESC fail which caused total control loss while I was traveling nose down at around 100mph!!  there were a lot of firsts in this crash:

First time I stripped servos in a crash, I got both of them.

First time I did that much damage to a battery and had it stay in the plane.

First time I had an ESC look like that after a flight.

First time I lost total control of a plane let alone one moving that fast.

First time I have had a plane hit the ground that hard and be mostly flyable, the major airframe was fine except for 2 small cracks in the lower fuse. there was some damage to the non EPP parts but the EPP survived and will fly again, the Doculam held up great.

If you would like to get some more info on Doculam here is a link to RCGroups thread:

I did some testing on the Doculam, I took 3 – 10″x5″ pieces of EPP. One I left bare of any covering as a control, one I covered in Doculam, and the 3rd I covered in fiberglass weave and Doculam.

3 test pieces

I then set my hanging scale so that the part would be suspended 3″ from my table top from its center. I measured how much force it took to flex the part so that both edges touched my table. I also weighed each part to get an idea of how much weight was added. here are my results:

Bare EPP:                                              weight- .5 oz                         force- 3.64 lbs

Doculam covered:                            weight- .6 oz                         force- 5.22 lbs

Doculam/Fiberglass covered:    weight- .7 oz                        force 7.08 lbs

Now the bare EPP and Doculam covered both took as much force to flex it as it took to maintain it, but the Doculam/fiberglass covered took more force to flex it but didn’t require as much to maintain it, it was 7.84 lbs to flex it but only 7.08 lbs to maintain it. Also something else I noticed that was surprising was that the Doculam/fiberglass covered piece bounce back closer to flat than the other two pieces did.

Warp after test

So my findings were as I suspected, that covering your EPP in the Doculam added strength but the addition of fiberglass as Paul and Frank recommend added much more rigidity.

I hope you find this information helpful in your future builds.

If you would like to try a small amount I have 500′ and will sell some at $.50 a ft plus shipping. email me at and we can work out the details. This is for US, lower 48 states only no over seas shipping at this time please.


Multiplex FunJet

Multiplex FunJet

Hey Just want to let everyone know that we will be doing occasional reviews of Kit planes that We feel fit in with our style and that we think would be fun to build and fly. Don’t worry our main focus is still going to be on scratch building. We just thought it might be a nice change to do every once in a while. Especially for those who may not be ready to scratch build. The MultiPlex FunJet definitely fits our style. I have been wanting to build one of these ever since I started seeing videos on YouTube of these planes flying 140 – 150 mph. Here are some quick points on this kit.

  • Easy to follow detailed instruction manual
  • High quality parts fit, finish and materials
  • Assembles with CA glue and a few tools
  • Quick assembly (one night with everything needed)
  • Will accept a large variety of batteries and power systems
  • Motor mount adjusts with screw from + 5 degrees to – 5 degrees
  • Ram air ventilated fuselage to keep electronics cool
  • Servo covers provide protection and cleaner looks
  • Broad flight envelope from very slow to extremely fast
  • Very predictable and stable flight characteristics
  • Docile enough for beginners extreme enough for experts

After only flying this plane for one weekend I am very impressed with the performance and how easy it flies. I’m sure I will be flying it a lot in the future and pushing the speed envelope more and more as I get more familiar with the plane. I would recommend the MultiPlex FunJet too any adrenaline high speed junkies out there!!! This Plane really lives up to Its name “FunJet”!!!

Here is a the YouTube Video Review:




Last if anyone would like to purchase a Funjet for them selves they can find them here at Hobby People.

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to add a quick product review write up for the Proxxon Hot-Wire Foam Cutter.  For everyone who may be into scratch building foam RC planes, there is a cool tool for cutting all types of Foam, easily, fast and efficently. Frank and I are always searching for affordable, but good tools to help aid us in the production of all the scratch build RC airplanes we make.  So far one of the best tools to date that we have found is the Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter (THERMOCUT).

Please see Frank’s Video Review here:




Here are a few quick bullet points about the Foam Cutter:

  • Adjustable Temp Setting via a Dial.
  • 98 Feet spool of  replacement wire (Should last quite a long time).
  • Aluminum Table top finish with measured straight and angular guidlines.
  • Adjustable Hot-wire. You can angle the hotwire, good for making Beveled cuts.
  • Sturdy, Quality Construction
  • Fully adjustable guide fence. Can be set at various angles or straight. Can also be used on front or side of cutting table. (one of the most awesome features)
  • 13-25/32″ Throat with a 5-33/64″ height.
  • Seen as low as $104.

Bottom line is both Frank and I give it a 5-star rating. I think its definately one of the best tool purchases we have made. Our build times are quicker and easier with this tool. I think its a great value for just over $100. It has great quality, it’s, versatile and easy to use with great results. If you are only building a plane once in a long while then it may not be the best for you, but if you build many planes often as we do, then I think you’ll find it well worth the price.

Last if anyone is looking to purchase one, you may look at your local craft or hobby stores to find one. Frank and I purchased ours through I’ve included a link below for anyone who may be interested in getting one from Amazon too.

Great place to get Henry’s Style Fiberglass Weave.

Hey Everyone,

As you probably already know from watching our YouTube Videos,  both Frank and I have been building EPP Planes covered with the Henry’s Fiberglass Weave. A lot of you have been emailing or leaving comments about where this stuff can be purchased. We have been purchasing it through Home Depot, where it is typically about $9.00 for a 6-inch wide by 25-Foot roll. Not too bad, but can get kind of pricey if you use it a lot. So I went off searching on the internet to try and find a good source to buy this stuff for cheaper. Whenever we can, both Frank and I like to pass on the information to all of you when we find a way to save money.

Well my searches were far and wide, but I did finally find a place out of Arizona that sells roofing supplies. They have a material pretty much identical to the Henry’s  Weave, Only they have it in 150 foot rolls and in different widths! They have it in 4-inch, 6-inch and 36-inch widths! Awesome, this is great for building RC Planes. both Frank and I have ordered some of the weave from this site and are very happy and pleased with their quick shipping and the quality of the fiberglass weave.  It is pretty much dead on the same as Henry’s.  I would not be surprised if it was made  by Henrys. Oh, and the best part is its cheaper for a 6 inch 150 foot roll from, then it was for a 6 inch 25 foot roll from Home Depot! It’s only $6.75 for the 150 foot roll! That’s Five times as much weave for a cheaper price, what a great savings! I believe they do international shipping too.

Well here is the site link to Best where the weave can be found (Just Click on the Picture):

Link to

Link to

Hope this helps at least some of you, Happy building!

We have been getting a lot of questions in regards to what we have been using to cover our RC Planes.

“How do get your rc planes so smooth?” “What do you use to cover your RC Planes?” “Where can I get Colored Sealing Tape??

So We wanted to just do a little write up to answer these basic questions.  Typically we have been using simple, low cost, colored carton sealing tape or packing tape. This low cost covering adds a nice shinny finish to your scratch built remote control foam plane. Below are a few examples.

rcFoamFighters Bullet Plane, FF-22 and FF-23

rcFoamFighters Bullet Plane, FF-22 and FF-23

The sealing tape works best with Foamboard RC plane designs since the surface of Foamboard is more easily gripped by the tape’s adhesive.  The sealing tape will work good with EPP, Depron or other foams too, but may be a little trickier to get it to attach to the surface well. Usually when we use the sealing tape with EPP or other Foam materials,  we first put strapping tape  around the edges of the wing and parts of the fuselage since it is more tacky and better at attaching to the foam. Then we run the layer of sealing tape from edge to edge, attaching to the strapping tape at the edges and uncovered foam in the middle.  Also we have noticed the sealing tape bonds much better when it is an EPP RC plane covered first with the Henry Brand Fiberglass Weave and adhesive, like on the EPP Park Jet and Bulletproof RC Plane.

One tip about using sealing tape that may help you in making your remote control plane look better, is to use a heat gun to shrink the tape. Typically Frank and I use a heat gun after the RC plane is fully taped up. You can use the Heat Gun to slowly heat up the tape till it starts to shrink just a little.  This will get rid of the wrinkles and make for a nice tight covering. Usually the sealing tape will first suck up close to the foam as its heated and actually reveal more wrinkles. But then as it slowly shrinks more, all the wrinkles tighten up and go away. Just be very careful not to hold the heat gun too close and over heat the tape. This will cause too much shrinkage and can even burn right through the tape. Its best to keep the heat gun moving back and forth and slowly heat the tape up. Hopefully soon we can do a  video demo of taping a plane with this method.

Just remember sealing tape is just one option you can use to cover your RC plane and make it look nice. It will also make your RC Plane stronger. You can always use stuff like Monokote or Trimkote or similar materials. These just tend to be a little more costly. Anyway hope this helps. Just know we are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to make the hobby more affordable. We will try and pass along any tips we learn about to you our fellow RC Pilots/Builders. Please feel free to let us know of any tips you may have too make RC planes better and/or more affordable. The more we all learn together, the more fun we will have at this hobby of scratch building cool remote control planes.

So far we’ve had a hard time in finding any stores locally that sell colored sealing tape. We usually just buy our tape supplies from the internet. So last I just wanted to provide you all with a link to, the place we get our tape from and seem to be the best priced.  rcFoamFighters is not an Affiliate of Tape Brothers, but we do recommend them based on our past purchases. They are fairly quick to ship and have good prices.

(click on picture to go to Tape Brothers Site) 

Link to

Link to




Ø  Most affordable hotwire tool available (priced from $7 to $13)

Ø  Must have tool for cutting and shaping EPP and most other types of foam

Ø  Extremely portable battery powered (requires two D cell batteries)

Ø  Very reliable and simple to operate making it user friendly

Ø  Includes spare replacement wire strands



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  • Low Cost Radar Gun,Originally only $69.99, Now most sites are selling it for about $79.99
  • Tracked Medium Sized Planes up to about 200 to 250 feet away.
  • Speed Readings Appeared to be Fairly Consistant on multiple passes.
  • Very Easy to use (One Button on the back and one trigger button)
  • Large easy to read LCD Display, Can be set up to display MPH or KPH
  • Felt pretty durable considering cost, ruberized coating with good finish.
  • High Fun Factor, Great to find out exactly how fast you are flying.
  • Overall 5-Star rating for Fit, Finish, Ease of Use and High Fun Factor.




We wanted to Provide a link to Amazon for those who can not find the below products locally. We do suggest you check your local stores first so you do not have  any extra costs as would be related to shipping and handling.


Weller TB100PK 30Watt Hot Knife Type Tool

  • This tool is espcially great for carving and creating pockets in Foam.
  • Also great for creating small channels to run servo and other wires.
  • Great to use on EPP, Blue Core, White Insuallation Foam and others.
  • Perfect temperture, not too hot, makes it easy to acurately control.
  • We Bought our tool at Lowes Hardware Store. Sure other hardware stores have it too.




Logan 1500 Foamboard Cutter

  • This tool is especially good at cutting 45 degree bevel cuts.
  • Flip blade and tool over and can be used to cut straight 90 degree cuts.
  • Very durable build and easier to hold than a Xacto knive or Box cutter.
  • Works great on Foamboard, Depron and thin cuts of EPP