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Foam Fighter 23 (FF-23 version 1.0)

Foam Fighter 23 (FF-23 version 1.0)


Here are the Free Basic Template plans for the Foam Fighter 23 (FF-23). This plane was inspired by the YF-23 that competed with the F-22 in the Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) competition held by the Department of Defense.  It is not a true replication  of the YF-23 but does share many of the features and looks. Again these template plans are not intended to be all inclusive instructions, but just a basic template and guideline on how the plane can be built. This PDF along with the ATF  video series we did should help anyone wanting to build one these planes for themselves. I would not recommend this plane to beginners for it is a little more touchy to fly than the FF-22. This plane instead should be built by those with at least a bit of flying experience.
(Click on below picture to download the FREE PDF Plan)
Free FF-23 PDF Plan

Free FF-23 PDF Plan





Hey everyone, I gave Paul the dimensions to my new plane The Sky Fighter version 2 and he has already finished the basic template plans for the plane. These are not intended to be 100% complete plans with full instructions but more or less the basics that you would need to build the plane on your own.  After all we like to promote scratch building planes and are not selling kits or complete plans. We would like to see everyone personalize their plane to make it their own. So please use these templates along with your own imagination to finish the plane to your own likings. Here are some of the specs and features of the Sky Fighter v2:

  • Bulletproof construction from EPP Foam and Henrys fiberglass weave sandwich layers
  • Built for all out speed with thinner 15mm wing , narrow fuselage  and rear mounted motor
  • extremely maneuverable with very high roll rate 3 or more rolls per second
  • 26.5 inches long with 28 inch wing span a.u.w. approximately 24 ounces
  • Power system Suppo 2200kv Brushless motor and Suppo 30amp Brushless esc combo
  • Batteries Zippy Rhino 30c 1350 mAh 3s1p LiPo
  • Capable of speeds well over 80mph with apc 6″ x 4″ prop
  • Watt Meter results with apc 6″x 4″ Prop – 300watts @ 28amps
  • This Plane is not recommended for beginner pilots

Please Click on picture below for FREE DOWNLOAD of PDF templates:

Free Sky Fighter V2 PDF Template

Free Sky Fighter V2 PDF Template


View the YouTube Video of the Sky Fighter below:

If you have been following the Bullet Proof RC Plane Build Along series of videos you probably know about the recent crashes I had with the plane due to receiver issues. These crashes were caused by either low voltage lockouts or receiver range issues resulting in two destroyed LiPo battery Packs. After that happened I decided to solve the problem before it destroys any more batteries. Here are a few things I found out:

  • Spektrum makes a plug in capacitor to eliminate low voltage lockouts
  • Spectrum Parkflyer receivers only have a 1000ft range
  • Park flyer receivers are not recommended for fast planes or high flyers
  • LiPo Batteries can be disposed of easily and are environmentally safe
  • LiPo batteries must be completely discharged before disposing
  • Bad or damaged LiPo Batteries can be safely discharged in a salt water solution.

Please watch the video below for more information:


Thanks and I hope This can be useful for anyone having these issues or better yet will help to keep you from encountering them. If you do end up with any damaged Lipo Batteries you will at least know how to dispose of them properly. Thanks for visiting rcFoamFighters Blog and for all your support. Here are some links to the information I found.

Downloadable PDF file on ThunderPowerRC web site on proper disposal of LiPo Batteries:

Spektrum plug in capacitor to eliminate low voltage lockouts:

Forum on Spektrum Parkflyer Receiver Range :

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a few write ups Dick Kline was so kind to share with us. In the two PDF’s provided (Links below) Dick Kline reveals his Theories of how the KFm3 Airfoil works so good as a “Heavy Lifter” and why the KFm4 Airfoils “Fly So Fast”. These articles were written by Dick Kline himself and rcFoamFighters would like to thank him for sharing them with us and for letting us share them with you and the rest of the world.

Click on the below picture to view the PDF write-up on KFm3 Airfoils

What makes the KFm3 airfoil a heavy lifter? (By Dick Kline)


What makes the KFm3 airfoil a heavy lifter.

What makes the KFm3 airfoil a heavy lifter.


Click on the below picture to view the PDF write-up on KFm4 Airfoils

What makes the KFm4 airfoil fly so fast? (By Dick Kline) 


What makes the KFm4 airfoil so fast?
What makes the KFm4 airfoil so fast?

Again rcFoamFighters would like to thank Dick Kline for the above write ups on the KFm3 and KFm4 airfoils. For our viewers that may not know, Dick Kline is the inventor of the KF airfoil idea that originated some 40 years ago. rcFoamfighters has been blessed by being able to share information and ideas with this great man. Dick Kline has being doing his best to reveal to the world what benefits the KF airfoils have and how great they work. rcFoamFighters has experienced great results by using the airfoil idea Dick Kline has invented and we will be doing more videos in the future to showcase its awesome flight characteristics.

Thanks to all,



Picture of the orginal Foam Fighter 22 (FF-22)

Picture of the orginal Foam Fighter 22 (FF-22)


Hey Everyone,

I’m finally getting a little time to start drawing up some basic plans for the planes Frank and I have been building. This will be the second FREE basic template posted to our blog. I plan on adding more as time allows, so please bare with us as we are very limited on time.

Anyway, below is a link to a Free PDF of the original Foam Fighter 22 (FF-22) plane I made a few months back. (Note this is not the template for my current EPP FF-22). For anyone who may not have seen the ATF video series, where I built both the FF-22 and FF-23 plans out of Foamboard, Please see the video series in the YouTube player below.  In these videos you can see how the plane was developed and how it actually flies.

Just to hopefully be proactive in answering questions on why I used Foamboard instead of Depron or Fan Fold Foam, it’s because it was another experiment we did to research the viability of using foamboard. We know foamboard is a lot heavier than Depron or Fan Fold, but we thought if you give the plane adequate power, having the extra weight can actually be good for stability in windy and other conditions. Anyway, I believe the plane turned out pretty good and I just wanted to share these plans with anyone who may want to try and build one too.

Please note too that I’m sure you could build this plane out of Depron or Fan Fold Foam and still get great results. I have not tried it yet, so if anybody does please let me know. I’m sure you will have to add some carbon spars in the appropriate areas as determined. Note the foamboard plane did not require any carbon spars.

Last I would just like to state these are not “complete building instructions”, but rather just basic templates for those who are inclined to do a little improvising and adapting there on twists to the plane.  We would like to by doing this hopefully help people become better scratch builders themselves and even coming up with and share better ideas then we may have had. Thats what scratch building is all about, improvising and making it your own!

So for anyone interested here is the link to the Free FF-22 basic Template plans. (Click on the below Picture to download the PDF Plan):

Click on the picture to get the FREE FF-22 PDF Plan
Click on the picture to get the FREE FF-22 PDF Plan

(Note: Anyone who  downloaded the PDF prior to 7-12-09, please re-download, I found I was missing template  page “P6”. It is now corrected. Sorry for the mistake, I think the late nights are catching up with me, LOL)

Link to the YouTube Video Series with the FF-22 build. Please watch to see how I built this plane along with the FF-23 plane. (FF-23 plan coming soon).

How to Enter the Drawing.

To enter the Drawing,  you will need to do the following:

  1. Subscribe to our rcFoamFighters YouTube Channel if not already
  2. Send an email to
  3. In email include your YouTube Name
  4. Make Email Subject  “July Drawing 2009”

That’s it, do this and you will have a chance to win this months prize.

Prize For July Drawing 2009:

For this Drawing/Giveaway, for the Month of July 2009, the prize will be:

  • One Suppo (BL-2212/6)  2200kv Brushless Motor (rated at 200w)
  • Prop Adapter
  • Bullet Connectors
  • “X” Style Motor Mount Plate
  • Suppo 30A ESC
Prize for July Drawing 2009

Prize for July Drawing 2009

This is a great, affordable Park Jet Brushless Motor and ESC Combo. Typically sells for $29.99 on our affiliate This Motor and ESC Combo was previously the mainstay of most of both Frank’s Planes and my Planes. We have had great results considering the low price of these parts.  The motor seems to give the best performance with a 6×4 prop and a battery of 25C or better. The only issues Frank or I ever had with the many of these motors we have used are, one started to slip a magnet after repeated hard use. And Also one or two had the shaft retaining bolt start to loosen. Both easy to fix or become non issues if you do scheduled checks.
Here is a list of planes we have used this Motor and ESC Combo on with good results:
  • FoamFighter 15 (FF-15)
  • FoamFighter 22 (FF-22) Foamboard version
  • FoamFighter 23 (FF-23)
  • FB-28 (Sport Version)
  • Bullet Plane
  • Bulletproof plane
  • Novajet (Clocked at 97mph!)
  • Wild Wing
  • And Various others.

Last, if anyone would like to obtain one of these Motor and ESC combos for themselves without being the drawing winner can visit our affiliate at the Link below. (Click on the link and once the page is loaded select “Combo Packages” from the pull down menu. Look for “A2212/6” motor and esc package, pricesd at $29.99)

Link to rcHotDeals
Link to rcHotDeals


Update, Mark18352 is our winner for the July 2009 Drawing! 

Big thank you to all who entered and supporting our YouTube Channel and Website. We appreciate it alot.

Please stay tuned, August 2009 Drawing to be announced soon!