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Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to announce I finally got a little time to finish drawing one of Frank’s first Foamboard Airplane Designs, the FB-28. This plane is a good Delta wing plane with some aspects inspired by the F-117 Stealth Fighter. Frank added a few twists and made the design his own.  The Delta Wing platform makes for a good stable and easy to fly plane. Some of the early versions of the plane were actually slow flyers. Frank later made a faster version with the 2212/6  (2200kv) brushless motor.  This plane really seemed to fly good with all kinds of different setups. From 2S Lipo packs and 8-inch slow flyer props to 3S Lipo packs and 6×4 prop. For this edition of template plans we have even recomended the bigger Grayson Hobbies Super Mega jet as an option if you want some real speed. 

FB-28 (Fighter Bomber 28)

FB-28 (Fighter Bomber 28)


Anyway, I think a variety of RC Pilots can have fun with this plane, From beginners as a slow flyer on up to those who have been flying for a while and like the faster setup. It’s a fairly easy build to make. The base plane can be made with 2 sheets of regular Foamboard. You may need additional foamboard if you make the battery box out of foamboard too. But as with all scratch builds, you can customize it and make it you own.

Well here is the link to the PDF plan (Click on the Picture):

Click on the below picture to download the Free Plane

Click on the above picture to download the Free PDF Plans

Also Frank had some instructions he wrote up a while back for the earlier models of the FB-28. I have included them here incase anyone may like to see them too. They are not completely like what is depicted in the PDF plans, but still may be very helpful in providing more information on how the plane can be built.
Here is the link to the instructions (Click on the picture):
Click Above Picture to Download the Assembly Instruction Manual

Click Above Picture to Download the Assembly Instruction Manual

Also for anyone interested, here is a link to rchotDeals, where you can get the recommended 2212/6 motor and 30A ESC Combo deal for $29.99
Link to rcHotDeals


Good luck to anyone who decides to build the FB-28. Please let us know if you do, we love to see how others build the planes we design.

Thanks and Happy Flying!


How to Enter the Drawing.

To enter the Drawing, you will need to do the following:

  1. Subscribe to our rcFoamFighters YouTube Channel if not already
  2. Send an email to
  3. In email include your YouTube Name
  4. Make Email Subject “October 2009 Drawing”

That’s it, do this and you will have a chance to win this months prize.

Prize For October 2009 Drawing:

For this Drawing/Giveaway, for the Month of October 2009, the prize will be:

  • One Suppo (BL-2217/6) 1500kv Brushless Motor (rated at 300w)
  • Prop Adapter
  • Bullet Connectors
  • “X” Style Motor Mount Plate
  • Suppo 40A ESC
October 2009 Prize!!

October 2009 Prize!!

This is a great, affordable Park Jet Brushless Motor and ESC Combo. Typically sells for $29.99 on our affiliate This Motor and ESC Combo was previously the mainstay of most of both Frank’s Planes and my Planes. We have had great results considering the low price of these parts. The motor seems to give the best performance with a 6×4 prop and a battery of 25C or better. The only issues Frank or I ever had with the many of these motors we have used are, one started to slip a magnet after repeated hard use. And Also one or two had the shaft retaining bolt start to loosen. Both easy to fix or become non issues if you do scheduled checks.
Here is a list of planes we have used this Motor and ESC Combo on with good results:
  • FoamFighter 15 (FF-15)
  • FoamFighter 22 (FF-22) Foamboard version
  • FoamFighter 23 (FF-23)
  • FB-28 (Sport Version)
  • Bullet Plane
  • Bulletproof plane
  • Novajet (Clocked at 97mph!)
  • Wild Wing
  • And Various others.

Last, if anyone would like to obtain one of these Motor and ESC combos for themselves without being the drawing winner can visit our affiliate at the Link below. (Click on the link and once the page is loaded select “Combo Packages” from the pull down menu. Look for “A2217/6” motor and esc package, pricesd at $34.99)

Link to rcHotDeals
Link to rcHotDeals

 Update 10/31/09

Congratulations JackmanPilot! You are the Winner for October!

(Post updated 10/6/09 with new graphic from Dick Kline. Now includes 9 KFm Airfoil Variations. See below)


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to post a new graphic that Dick Kline was so kind to share with me. As many of you are probably already aware, Dick Kline the inventor of the KF Airfoil is always tuned into how we in the RC community are using his cool invention.  Mr. Kline also enjoys creating computer graphics of many things. Well recently Dick Kline sent me his revised graphic that depicts the well known variations of the KF Airfoil as well as some new versions that people are experimenting with.  Dick wrote me a few brief emails below with the attached graphic. I wanted to post it here and share it with the rest of the RC Community and all that may be interested.

Here’s the Emails:


I wanted you to have a copy of the visual I came up with showing all the different variations of the KFm Airfoil Family. They have multiplied like rabbits.

– Dick

Hi Paul…

Well, two more additions have arrived. One is an under-camber with the step on the top. So, that goes next to the under-camber with the step on the bottom. I’m told that they both work extremely well.

So, here’s the KFm Family of nine airfoils…

Take care,

– Dick

(Here’s the graphic made by Dick Kline, many thanks to him for providing it!) (updated 10/4/09)

Click on the image to Download a PDF copy.

KFm Airfoil Family with Descriptions

KFm Airfoil Family with Descriptions (click to download PDF)

Later I will try and get some written descriptions of each Airfoil and what benefits each provides.  So please stay tuned, we want to keep this blog going as a good resource for KF Airfoil information.

If anyone would like to contribute their findings on the KF airfoil please feel free to email us at We are hoping to help Dick Kline spread the word of his cool invention and share the collective knowledge we all have.

Happy Flying to all,