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SkyFighter V4

Just wanted to do a quick announcement and let you know the Plans for Jon’s Skyfighter V4 are completed and ready for free download.

FF-SkyFighter V4 RC Model Designed by: Jon McCarty
This RC model is an original model designed and developed by Jon. This plane was intended to be a modified version of the SkyFighter Frank Made. The wings have been swept back and the Vertical Stabilizer are now located on the wing tips. The model proved to be a stable and agile platform and even capable of vertical take offs. The original RC model design was made with 15mm 1.9 EPP Foam and covered with fiberglass weave & colored sealing/packing tape. Other materials such as Blue Core Foam may be used to make this model, but will not be “Bulletproof”. FFFTW!!!

Quick write up from Jon about the Plane
The SkyFighter v4 is my take on Franks great design. This plane flies very stable at a wide range of speeds and power set ups. This is currently my favorite plane to fly. Build the tail fins out of something a bit stiffer and stand it on end for vertical take offs. One word of warning, this plane was built and designed with speed in mind. It will fly slow and stable, but does not slow down quickly. The razor sharp wing bevels and low profile design offer very little resistance.


Link to Plan page for the SkyFighter V4:


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick post for the FF-SuperNova and let everyone know that I have finished up the plans for free download under the “Planes” tab.

I was really happy to see how this plane turned out. As I’m sure a lot of you know this plane was based on my older and smaller NovaJet, pretty much my all time favorite scratch built plane I’ve made to date. Well I’m happy to report that this plane is like the old NovaJet, but lives up to its name by being a “Super” version. Bigger, Faster and still flies with the same type of maneuverability and handling.

This is a plane I would only recommend for pilots with a bit of skill and experience.  It is a fast and heavy plane and could do a good bit of damage if it got out of control.  That is also why I would only recommend flying this plane at flying fields or other secluded, safe places.

Anyway, if you are looking for a fast plane that is also a great flyer I suggest you give the FF-SuperNova a try. This plane really is a blast to fly and always puts a nice grin on my face when I fly it.  It is pretty easy to build and didn’t even require any carbon spars. That is if you build it like I did with the 1.9 EPP and covered with the Henry’s type fiberglass weave & adhesive.

Best of luck to anyone who does decide to build one!

Best regards,


Link to plans and information page for the FF-SuperNova:

If you plan on making the plane please watch the below YouTube videos for building and other  construction tips.

How to Enter the Drawing.

To enter the Drawing, you will need to do the following:

  1. Subscribe to our rcFoamFighters YouTube Channel if not already
  2. Add a comment “Enter Me Please” in the comment area of the YouTube Video at the following Link:


Sorry for the late post on the information for this April 2010 drawing. For this month of April 2010 there will be one prize which is listed below.


Prize: Tunigy 2836-2350kv brushless motor / 40A TowerPro esc

  • One Turnigy 2836-2350kv motor (rated to 480watts)
  • Prop adapter
  • X style motormount and screws
  • Bullet connectors and heat shrink tubes
  • One TowerPro 40A esc ( connectors not included)


Pictures of prize:



Drawing Winner Update: The WINNER of the April 2010 drawing is nkdurret!! Congratulations!!

Hey everyone,  just wanted to add a cool blog post from Jacques, our awesome rcFoamFighters Dutch Connection. Here it is:


FF-Pro V2 picture

Hello there Fellow Scratch Builders, RC Maniacs and Friends

First of all Id like like to thank Frank & Paul Petty for Making this all come true! These guys did a wonderful job and are supporting me all the way….

Then I’d like to Inform u Guys I feel real good to tell u that one of my airplane designs is there for download for U for free*!! Paul Petty has helped me out Major times in converting this plane to downloadable plans just for u. The FoamFighterPro V2 is a Real fun Plane to fly and have flown this bird many a time giving me great satisfaction. For its power setup ur the one to choose…either on 3S or 4S or for real speed freaks 5S….this plane will fly perfectly slow and Superfast!! Even had the 1600 Watt 3648 Turnigy motor on there with a 5S and a 7×5!! Though it was a bit on the heavy side then but flew perfect! It weighed around 1100 grams with that setup.. Once again guys… have great fun with it and I like to see a lot of vids with people flying it!..that be sooo cool !

hope you’ll have fun with it and it will rock for ya!
rcFoamFighters For The Win!!



Link to free plans for the FF-Pro V2:

FF-Pro Videos: