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FF-21 Blackjack designed by Ken Tanpinco

FF-21 Blackjack designed by Ken Tanpinco

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to write up a quick post and let you all know the new plans for Ken’s FF-21 Blackjack are now posted under the “Planes” tab of the rcFoamFighters Blog. They can also be found at the below link:

Ken, “Wildhover” on Youtube, is an awesome rcFoamFighters teammate. He put in a lot of hard work on making this cool and original design.  Big thanks to Ken for all his help and patience while working with me to get these plans together and done.
Here’s a link to Ken’s YouTube channel where you can find some videos of this cool RC plane.

Here’s one of the video’s from his channel.

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share another cool email I got from Vince about his cool EPP PAK-FA RC Plane. 

And to answer Vince’s question, yes Frank and I are half Filipino. our Mom is Filipino and Dad is a mix of Irish, German, Austrian and English. Pretty much we are Mutts, LOL. Heinz 57 baby… But I identify myself as American, born, raised and lived all my life here.


Vince’s Email:

Vince's PAK-FA RC Plane

Hey Paul and Frank.

My Name is Vince, or vmat377 on Youtube. I’m from Australia, and I would like to say you guys have been an absolutely massive inspiration for me when it comes to rc-planes.
I’ve just completed an EPP scratchbuild. Its based on a Suhkoi PAK FA. I’ve also included some pictures of the real aircraft.
Btw could you please please (lol) push HobbyKing to get those Turnigy 3648 1450kv motors back in stock. 
Also, since viewing your videos, i’ve been curious as to where you guys are from. Are you guys from Guam or the Philippines? I’m half Filipino (Go Manny Pacquiao!) lol
Cheers from down-under,
More Pics: