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Hey everyone, just wanted to share an email and pictures from Daan Bourdri of his RCFF Delta Wing. Pretty cool.

—————————————-Daan’s Email Below————————————————-

Hi Frank,
I charged the battery and it has definitely more power.
But when i showed my plane to a neighbour (who is also in the rc world) he said: i think you have the prop backwards.
I thought: huh?? i turned the prop around and i gave it some “gas”…. and FOOOOT!!! now it has more power than weight!
haha i never had thought that i made a mistake with the prop LOL.
and in case you can’t see the components well here’s a list:
Motor:   BL 2212/6
ESC:     30A
Battery: 2200mAh 3s1p
Receiver: Airtronics 8ch (i know it’s overkill :P)
Servo’s: Right out of the box of the transmitter (sanwa SRW-102)
transmitter: Airtronics RDS8000
Tech. data:
Weight of plane (unwrapped) :837grams
Thust: 875grams
Yet again THANKS,
Here are some pictures and a small video from my foamfighter.

Just a quick update to let you know the plans for Frank’s Bullet Plane are now available! Please see the “Planes” Tab or click link below.

Link to PDF Plans and Info

FF-Bullet Plane

FF-Bullet Plane

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to post a cool email about a plane Noel Soudant from the Netherlands made. So below I just shared his email and pictures of his cool plane. You did a good job Noel!






Hi Paul and frank
Here is a new design of mine
a blom & voss AE 605 a german x plane that never left the drawing board
just made it, it is a proto no plans yet. the actual maybe a bit lighter (more out of one piece = less glue)
its wingspan is 66 cm
weight around 600 grams +  21-22 ounces
super mega jet engine and  a 3s 2200 lipo
it is a hand full but lots of fun.
hope you like it.
Noel Soudant