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The FF-23V2 Plans are now available at the rcFoamFighters Plans store via the below link.

FF-23V2 50percent


  1. Wing Span: 28.0 Inches (71.12cm)
  2. Length: 42.20 Inches (107.88cm)
  3. AUW: 27.0 Ounces (840gm) (As Built with FoamBoard, Depron or Fan Fold may result in a lighter model)
  4. Servos: 3ea Micro Metal Gear Recomended
  5. Motor: 400Watt minimum or Better Brushless motor recomended. The Test versions of the plane rcFoamfighters built had a Grayson Hobby Monster Jet and a Hobby King NTM 2436-2200kv both rated at close to 700Watts. Prop was an APC 6×5.5. Run on 4s Lipo Pack.  A Grayson Hobby Super Mega Jet would also make a good motor for a 3S Lipo set up.
  6. Speed: Up to 85+mph (137kph) depending on motor used.
  7. Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel  (Recomended 2.4ghz)
  8. Flight Skill Required: Intermediate to Advanced
  9. Building Skill Required: Intermediate
  10. Built from 4 Sheets or 20×30 inch Dollar Tree Foamboard.

Build Videos:

Flight Videos:




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