Hello everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick post for the FF-SuperNova and let everyone know that I have finished up the plans for free download under the “Planes” tab.

I was really happy to see how this plane turned out. As I’m sure a lot of you know this plane was based on my older and smaller NovaJet, pretty much my all time favorite scratch built plane I’ve made to date. Well I’m happy to report that this plane is like the old NovaJet, but lives up to its name by being a “Super” version. Bigger, Faster and still flies with the same type of maneuverability and handling.

This is a plane I would only recommend for pilots with a bit of skill and experience.  It is a fast and heavy plane and could do a good bit of damage if it got out of control.  That is also why I would only recommend flying this plane at flying fields or other secluded, safe places.

Anyway, if you are looking for a fast plane that is also a great flyer I suggest you give the FF-SuperNova a try. This plane really is a blast to fly and always puts a nice grin on my face when I fly it.  It is pretty easy to build and didn’t even require any carbon spars. That is if you build it like I did with the 1.9 EPP and covered with the Henry’s type fiberglass weave & adhesive.

Best of luck to anyone who does decide to build one!

Best regards,


Link to plans and information page for the FF-SuperNova:


If you plan on making the plane please watch the below YouTube videos for building and other  construction tips.

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  • Jacques:

    Dude ,if u planning on beefing her up with a Neu engine …you must call it the “Snug Nova”!
    Awsome for uploading plans for this wonderfull plane 🙂


  • Отличная фраза и своевременно…

    I was really happy to see how this plane turned out. As I’m sure a lot of you know this plane was based on my older […….

  • White Water Will:

    I have ordered most of the stuff you listed for this build, the motor is out of stock, but i have 1.3, not 1.9 EPP foam in 30mm. will that be ok?? I am not an experienced pilot, but i have lots of room to crash. Ive been learning on my own. is there another way?? Great website, great plans, great video’s! Really enjoy it all!! Keep up the good work!

  • PPetty:

    Thanks for the comment White Water Will! Cool, best of luck with the SuperNova. The 1.3 EPP should work fine, but You may need to add a Carbon Fiber spar across the main wing as the 1.3 is not as rigid. The 1.9 EPP with the fiberglass weave did not need any spars. The 1.3 EPP should make for a lighter plane though. I hope you have a some flight experience, this is a fast and agile plane if built to the specs I did. It reached speeds up to 143mph! You could use a smaller motor to start out and upgrade as you get more familiar with it. The SuperNova is a very good flying plane though and you should have a lot of fun with it. let us know how it goes.

  • White Water Will:

    I have some flight time, and I practice with a mini u26 almost every day, plus the sim. When things get a little harry and I’m flying at myself I still reverse the controls, but for the most part, I do ok. I do better at faster speeds. I don’t know why, but if I have time to think things don’t go as well. I will put a smaller motor in it to start so I don’t destroy it. Thanks again for the info!! I’ll let you know how it goes!

  • White Water Will:

    P.S. Is the APC 7×8 Sports Prop a pusher, and where did you get it??
    Thanks again!!

  • buzz:

    Hey paul
    I build the super nova followed the plans got the 3648 1450 motor 5s lipo and cut out the slot for the battery box. Put the c/g mark at 18 in from the nose batt in and balances nose heavy so i moved the batt aft to balance.
    First flight could not control acted very tail heavy and into the woods.Got the plane back no damage and moved the batt forward 1 in tried again and was a little better but very squirrily.I have 70% expo dialed in.
    Do you have any answers? Seems like i cant find the sweet spot for cg.Is that 18in right for the balance?
    I have about 50 planes home so this is not my first rodeo.Need help. thanks buzz

  • PPetty:


    I am not sure why your SuperNova would fly tail heavy. The CG at 18 inches from the nose is correct, that is where I have mine placed.

    Note, some things to chck that can influence how the plane flys. Did you check to see if your motor is mounted straight and true? If it is at an angle up or down it can effect the flight characteristics. Did you add the thrust plate behind the prop? This plate really adds a lot of stability to the plane and locks it in. Did you alter anything from the original plans? Did you use EPP or a lighter foam? It may suffer from torque roll if made too light with a huge motor. Also do you have any pictures of the plane and video of it in flight?

    The SuperNova is really one of the best and most stable planes I have made to date, so I’m not sure why yours would be squirrly. It is a very agile plane and can turn on a dime, but usually very stable and predictable too.

    Well not sure if that helps, but just some ideas. Best of luck, please et me know how it goes.


  • PPetty:

    White Water Will, the 7×8 sports prop is a normal prop. What you do is reverse the spin of the motor to go the correct way. To do this just swap any two wires on the motor. You do not need special pusher props. We use normal props all the time.

  • Jim Q:


    I just about have my Super Nova Finished!

    I am actually installing the servo linkage now and wanted to know what type of throws I should have??

    It’s First Flight should be one day this week.

    I will let you know how I make out.


    Jim Q

  • Jovinovi:

    Hi Paul, I’m making this for the first time. do the servos come with the rods you use for the tail control? I see two rods used to connect the tail piece to the servos. Do i need to buy them separately?

  • Jovinovi:

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Marco:

    I built the supernova too. The first flight is imminent. I do not know what I must have for rashes on aileron and elevator can you help me?. A question yet to focus: The focus has been transferred out of the plan is that ok?


  • shadow:

    Hi paul connection of receiver to all parts please

    Thanks in advance

    Best rc plane I have ever seen.

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