SkyFighter V4

Just wanted to do a quick announcement and let you know the Plans for Jon’s Skyfighter V4 are completed and ready for free download.

FF-SkyFighter V4 RC Model Designed by: Jon McCarty
This RC model is an original model designed and developed by Jon. This plane was intended to be a modified version of the SkyFighter Frank Made. The wings have been swept back and the Vertical Stabilizer are now located on the wing tips. The model proved to be a stable and agile platform and even capable of vertical take offs. The original RC model design was made with 15mm 1.9 EPP Foam and covered with fiberglass weave & colored sealing/packing tape. Other materials such as Blue Core Foam may be used to make this model, but will not be “Bulletproof”. FFFTW!!!

Quick write up from Jon about the Plane
The SkyFighter v4 is my take on Franks great design. This plane flies very stable at a wide range of speeds and power set ups. This is currently my favorite plane to fly. Build the tail fins out of something a bit stiffer and stand it on end for vertical take offs. One word of warning, this plane was built and designed with speed in mind. It will fly slow and stable, but does not slow down quickly. The razor sharp wing bevels and low profile design offer very little resistance.


Link to Plan page for the SkyFighter V4:

6 Responses to “FF-SkyFighter V4 (Free Plans Announcement)”

  • slappedhard:

    That is one sweet plane!!! Getting ready to rebuild my combat wing and start a new one.


  • jhtitan:

    Thanks Slapp, It is one of my favorites to date.


  • k.smith459:


  • aktanner331:

    I am looking at building this plane.Is this a good first time RC Foam Fighter to build?If not what is?And finally is the carbon rod inside solid or hollow?

  • jhtitan:

    this is a good flying plane, By first, not your first plane, just the first of the rc Foam Fighters right? If so then yea this is a good one, very stable and will go on a couple different power system’s.

    Spar is a tube, I actually use CF arrows from a local archery shop, he saves miss cuts and slightly damaged ones for us. Its a great way to get a .25″ CF tube for cheap.

    Let me know if you have any questions


  • bigkid6969:

    Do you bevel both the top and bottom of the leading edge? Any other helpful hints you can give as far as shaping the wing if need be or any other key factors for building this plane? Just got EPP foam in and trying to learn as much as I can before I start on it.

    By the way, you guys have some really cool planes –

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