MX-1 Wolverine

MX-1 Wolverine

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to write up a quick announcement to let you all know there are some new plans posted on the “Planes” tab. This is an original plane designed, built and tested by our Colorado Connection, Jake Marshall. Jake really did a wonderful job on bringing this plane to life right out of his own mind. He wanted it to be a plane with an aggressive stance like a real Wolverine! I think Jake did a good job. He was excited and happy to have his plane added to the rcFoamFighters growing list of free plan downloads. Jake was a big help in that he drew most of the plans on his own in AutoCAD.  I only had to help with the final details and formatting. I was happy to have the help these busy days, LOL.  So I hope you all will enjoy the free plans and plane design Jake made and graciously wanted to share with all of us in the RC community. We look forward to more cool designs coming from Jake and his MESA school team in the future.

Here is a link to the Wolverines plans and info page:

Here is a video of the Wolverine in action:

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  • Eckhart:

    Hey i have not made the Wolverine yet. but a friend of mine did. apparently there is a measurement mistake on the wolverine il will soon find out on witch page it is. Keep up the good work guys, and don’t stop Designing. i just have one question. can any person design a plan and post the pdf plans on here? because i would be very happy to.

  • matterest:

    i was wondering what size propeller to use on this plane?

  • priel71:

    Hi, me and my fb has been enjoying flying the wolverine a lot! We use a buddy box and every time he panics I take over 😛
    I would really like to make a FPV version of this plane, it flies so predictably and handles slow speed amazingly well… I think it would suit FPV really well. Is there any chance of getting a non-tiled plan for this? I was thinking I’d size her up about 10-15 percent to be able to handle more gear / weight.

    Thanks a lot for a very well done airplane, it’s the best all-rounder I’ve ever flown.


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