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We just wanted to share another cool story of a fellow FoamFighter Pilot, Nadia.  We wanted to share her cool story and Pictures of her plane.She is another great example of the variety of fun people who love this hobby!  Big thanks to Nadia!

Frank and Paul

Nadia's FB-28


> Hi there Folks,
> I’m a 16 year old girl at college and I love flying my 4 channel trainer.
> Recently I came across your site with all these great looking foam jets.
> My Dad flies RC too and he is willing to help me build a jet from your
> collection however, I need to ask for a little advise.
> Which 3 planes are the easiest to fly ?
> Please nominate these in order from easiest to hardest
> I can’t wait to fly your Fantastic jets.
> Wow, I love ’em 🙂
> Thanks guys.
> Nadia


> Nadia

> Thanks for your intrest in rcFoamFighters planes and for your support by watching our videos and visiting our Blog. Here are the three plane you should build in the order from easiest to fly to more difficult.

> FB-28 (slow version)
> http://rcfoamfighters.com/Models/FB-28/FB-28.htm

> FF-22
> http://rcfoamfighters.com/Models/FF-22.htm

> FF-117
> http://rcfoamfighters.com/Models/FF-117/FF-117.htm

> Tell your dad to build this one for himself for a real treat:
> FF-SuperNova (130mph+)
> http://rcfoamfighters.com/Models/FF-SuperNova/FF-SuperNova.htm

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsk7jI0kjzo

> Thanks again for your support and sorry for the delay in writing back to you.
> Good luck with your builds and be sure to have fun!

> Frank


Hi Frank,

We built the FB-28 on your recommendation.
Here are a few photos of the plan.
Constructed with 6mm corflute (main wing) and 3mm corflute for everything else. (Estate Agent signs)
We increased the wingspan by 80mm. ( everything else remains the same)
Weighs in at under 800 gram. (AUW)
We used an RCTimer 2212-6  Brushless (2200 Kv) and a 3S liPo (2200mah Turnigy) battery.
40 Amp ESC (Tower-pro) and Hextronic 9 gram servos.
It flies just great.
At the beginning it was a little twitchy because CG was about 6mm too far back
but now we got that all sorted and also backed off the rates a little.

You know, I’d love to see you Guys do a version of the B2 Stealth bomber.
That would be Awesome.
PLEASE Guys, design one and upload the plans  🙂
Will you be doing a B2 Stealth soon ?

Thanks, Nadia


More Pics


Do you have a cool Foam Fighter of your own you want to show off? Please send us some pictures and brief story and we would be glad to share it with the rcFoamFighters community. Please send an email to admin@rcfoamfighters.com with your Pictures and story!

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  • johnnyrotten:

    Hi im looking to build the ff-22 the specs for this are 42.5″ – 24″ , but the videos and pictures of this model look much smaller , are the dimentions for this plane correct ? or has there been an error it looks to be around 32.5″ long as aposed to 42.5″ , can anybody confirm

    Thanks Johnny

  • kayvannouri:

    Hi, I am working on the same model but cant figure out what is that part that connects the servo rod to the tail ??? please send me a link maybe on hobby-king so I can order it. its a very small plastic piece that connects the control rod to the tail

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