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I just wanted to share an email I recieved a while back from a cool Friend of FoamFighters, Noel Soudent from the Netherlands.  Noel is a cool and talented person learning CAD Design. He sent me a PDF of an awesome plan for a FoamBoard SU-37. Please see his email and Free PDF plans below.

Many thanks to Noel for shareing his talents with all of us!


Email from Noel:

Hi Paul

I have tried to make a ff sukhoi 37 plan

As this is my first try with a cad program and it is your dayjob I would like you to see what you think of it. and maybe some hints and tips I used a very simple program I could download for free from the internet I haven’t built it yet because Im just in the beginning stage of the plan. And I have not a lot of time left when I finish my dayjob. So have a look and if you like it and you can use it for the foam fighters just do. I would like that very much After this one I will try a mig 29 ff and maybe a mig 21 but that might be a problem cause of the round fuselage maybe foamboard wing surfaces and another foam fuselage

I really enjoy your youtube films. 


Noel Soudant



Click Link for Free PDF Plans


Noels Free SU-37 Plans (Click Image)


2 Responses to “Free SU-37 plans from Noel Soudent”

  • yanrc:

    Built the 120% size Su37 from the original plan, flown it almost like the real jet, my first 3d jet…. Turnigy Aerodrive D2826/10 1400kv motor, 30 amps esc, 7×6 prop, 1000 mah 3 cells lipo….thanks for the plan…

  • soarbay:

    need some specs…wing span length..ect….in order to size the plans at the printer. thank

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