Jacques Cool FF-peregrine

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to announce that Free RC Airplane Plans for Jacques Cool FF-Peregrine have been added to the Blog. Please visit the “Planes” tab above of Click on the Link below to get the Free FF-Peregrine plans;

Link to FF-peregrine plans and information:


3 Responses to “Free Plans! Jacques FF-Peregrine”

  • KenSue:

    Well, I’m new to this site. So I don’t know if this is the right place for this. I have a few questions about the FF-Peregrine. This is not my first foam plane, but it is my first pusher plane. Everything I have done, has had in depth instructions. My questions are:
    The template says to bevel both sides on the leading edge, but I’m not sure if this means top and bottom or left and right sides? Also how do you attach the motor mount to the plane? And, last how do you attach the motor to the mount?
    Well, all of the above sounds like a newbie.

  • Elec 1800:

    Hello Jacque, i was wondering if you have a chance can you please take a look at these maiden flight vids of my peregrine and let me know what i am doing wrong please



  • BenBilly:

    What size does the carbon fibre spar need to be.

    Thanks Ben

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