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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share a cool email I just got from Kel Bartlett. He’s 70 years young and from Sandstone Point, located in Queensland, Australia. Kel shares his cool story about getting back into RC modeling after 30 years! I would like to send Kel a BIG Thank you for sending us his story and pictures of his awesome planes. I am just blown away at how nice his Mig-29 looks! great job Kel!

Happy Flying Kel,


( Kel’s Awesome Story from his email to us)


Hi Paul,

My story is just a little bit different to most that you might hear about and I hope you find it interesting.

I started aero-modelling when I was just 14years of age. I am now 70 years young but I have not built a plane for at least the last 30 odd years. I have about 5 models in various stages of building or repair and I have packed and unpacked those planes so many times in my changes of address. Anyway, I have retired from the workforce now and moved again with my wife to a delightful part of Queensland , Australia called Sandstone Point.

Now, here is the intriguing part. About 3 months ago I received a parcel in the post addressed to a guy down the street a bit. It looked like a model gas engine so I told my wife that I would take it down to him a see what “he was up to” Chris showed me what he was doing with models and we ended up being good friends. He was so excited to have another modeller so close to him that he showed me some websites, being one of the sites. —- thanks Chris!

I had built pllanes using foam for wing cores but I had not contemplated using foam for a complete plane.Chris suggested that I build one of your Foam Fighters and it didn’t take much coaxing. I decided that I would build the FF-15 pretty much as per your plan but I used Coreflute (Real Estate signs) again on Chris’s persistance. That plane is a little beauty and I have it ready for the skies again after putting it into the deck 4 times. (although all of those years in Aeromodelling I never did get to the stage of being a proficient pilot before giving it a way ( 3 of those prangs it literally bounced but the fourth effort made it necessary to replace a section of the nose and rebuild the battery case. This coreflute is just something else!

After experiencing first hand the results of my first attempt at a Foam Fighter I decided to build another one. I have been facinated with the Mig-29 and I managed to get a plan that is very similar in concept to yours so I was underway again.

The plan suggested using 6mm.Depron but I now build with 3mm. Corflute so I decided to laminate all surfaces to achieve 6mm. required thickness and gaining some strength along the way at the expense of very small amount of weight gain. There is no need to bore you with details of the building because it is the same process that FoamFighters use but after seeing the Mig-29 almost finished I decided to add some strength to the fuselage and give the Mig some of it’s inherent lines of beauty by sculpting and shaping some foam. (Pictures will explain the detail) In building this Jet, I have incorporsted wings with the KFm-4 Airfoil section, substituted laminated 3mm.Corflute for 6mm. Foamboard, used your now very popular method of making silhoutte model planes and used my modelling skills in shaping foam inserts to achieve a very sleek and streamlined model which should fly fast and stable.

Specifications of my Mig-29

Wingspan 28Inches/712mm.

Length 39Inches/990mm.

AUW. 47 oz./1332gms.

Motor Turnigy 3530B 1400Kv. Outrunner

ESC Exceed 65/70 Amp.

Battery Rhino 2150mAh 3S 11.1v 30C Lipo

Servo x 2 Turnigy MG90S 1.8Kg./13.4gr. Metal Gear Servo

Elevons & Ailerons are linked to the one servo.



The Biplane is what I’m continuing my flight training on.

I have also added 2 pics of the FF-15

Paul, thanks for a great resource in your website and keep ‘em coming man!

Hope you enjoy my story and pics.

Kel Bartlett

(More of Kel’s Pics)

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