FF-21 Blackjack designed by Ken Tanpinco

FF-21 Blackjack designed by Ken Tanpinco

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to write up a quick post and let you all know the new plans for Ken’s FF-21 Blackjack are now posted under the “Planes” tab of the rcFoamFighters Blog. They can also be found at the below link:

Ken, “Wildhover” on Youtube, is an awesome rcFoamFighters teammate. He put in a lot of hard work on making this cool and original design.  Big thanks to Ken for all his help and patience while working with me to get these plans together and done.
Here’s a link to Ken’s YouTube channel where you can find some videos of this cool RC plane.

Here’s one of the video’s from his channel.

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  • fasterthanyours:

    Drawing looks great, but can you convert it so that it fits on 2 sheets of foam board please? Thanks, Mike.

  • Norm@46:

    Im new to building foam planes and would like to try to build one. If I print out any of these plans how and where or what size should they printed out on to paper?? I imagine that I will have to get them printed somewhere else than my house on 8.5 x 11

  • Hi Foam Fighters,
    I just finished building this beautifull airplane and it really looks cool. Thanks for putting it online! I had great fun building it. I hope my skills are developed enough to give me a successful maiden.
    Cheers from The Netherlands,

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