Vince's SuperNova

 Hello Everyone,

Just thought I’d share an email with you all about a SuperNova Build by Vince Matarazzo. He gives a few details about the plane and how he altered it a bit, but still flew great. Big thanks to Vince for sharing his story of his SuperNova.



(Vince’s Email) 

Hey Paul and Frank!

Just thought id share with you my latest creation from the wonderful minds of RcFoamFighters.

As you can see from the pictures, i have made a few couple of modifications. Firstly, i designed the canopy to resemble that of a modern fighter jet. Secondly i removed the thrust plate (I’ll explain why). Lastly, i put the vertical stabilizers on an angle – just a personal liking. The wing is built with 2 layers of 9mm EPP foam and fiberglass weave. Then finally covered with colored sealing tape. It uses the Turnigy 3648 – 1450kV motor, with the HobbyKing 90-100amp ESC, with a 3-5 amp Turnigy UBEC, all powered by a 2650mAH 5s Flightmax Zippy Lipo.

I originally flew with the thrust plate, but i found that i had made it too thin. Therefore under hard acceleration it would flutter and cause the plane to pitch up and down (more so up though). I then changed it to a thicker plate of wood, and that flew well without any of the fluttering or adverse affects. It flew with that wicked ‘roar’ just like your supernova Paul. However, curiosity got the better of me, and i removed the plate. To my surprise, i found it flew with the exact same characteristics as if it had the thrust plate installed. Except only faster, but without the ‘roar’…. that i can live without.

Anyways Cheers from Australia, and God Bless

– Vince

P.S. Goo Manny Pacquiao!

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