Hey everyone, just wanted to share an email and pictures from Daan Bourdri of his RCFF Delta Wing. Pretty cool.

—————————————-Daan’s Email Below————————————————-

Hi Frank,
I charged the battery and it has definitely more power.
But when i showed my plane to a neighbour (who is also in the rc world) he said: i think you have the prop backwards.
I thought: huh?? i turned the prop around and i gave it some “gas”…. and FOOOOT!!! now it has more power than weight!
haha i never had thought that i made a mistake with the prop LOL.
and in case you can’t see the components well here’s a list:
Motor:   BL 2212/6
ESC:     30A
Battery: 2200mAh 3s1p
Receiver: Airtronics 8ch (i know it’s overkill :P)
Servo’s: Right out of the box of the transmitter (sanwa SRW-102)
transmitter: Airtronics RDS8000
Tech. data:
Weight of plane (unwrapped) :837grams
Thust: 875grams
Yet again THANKS,
Here are some pictures and a small video from my foamfighter.

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