FF-T50 (Russian PAK-FA Inspired RC Plane)


Hello everyone,

This is just a quick post to let everyone know the plans for the FF-T50 are now finished and available through our plans store via the “Planes” tab or by clicking the link below.


This is an RC model designed by Paul Petty. The model was inspired by the Russian T-50 PAK-FA Stealth Fighter. The model is not completly scale to the real PAK-FA, but does have a very similar look and shape of the real plane. It was made with light, Readibroard brand Foamboard. The plane as shown in the picture above was painted with Testors Model paint and the bottom was covered with clear packing tape to make it more durable. Other materials such as Depron and Fan Fold may be used to make this model, but may require carbon spars.

The model is a great flyer even though it only uses Elevon style controls. Actually it has a Quad Elevon setup. The Elevators and Ailerons are set up as Elevons. You could modify it though as with any scratch build and make the control surfaces how you want.  It really is a fun plane to fly, and probably is one of the best handling out of the foamboard models I have designed.


Wing Span: 24 Inches (60.96cm)
Length: 32.86 Inches (83.46cm)
AUW: 23.0 Ounces (652gms) (As Built with FoamBoard, Depron or Fan Fold may result in a lighter model)
Servos: 2 Micro (Metal Gear Recommended)
Motor: Turnigy 2836-2350 Motor or Grayson Hobbies Super Mega Jet motor
Speed: 70mph (speed depending on motor used)
Required Radio: Minimum 4-Channel with Delta mixing (Recomended 2.4ghz)
Flight Skill Required: Beginner to Intermediate
Building Skill Required: Intermediate

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  • arguetabayron:

    Hi paul, I’ve been viewing your blog for a few months now but never had the chance to email or comment. I bought the ft50 tiled PDF and have finished the whole project already. The only thing is that I’m new to this hobby. I have a Devo 12s and have the plane binded to the transmitter, the only thing here is that I can’t set up the control the way you have it to fly. I did mixed the chanels and made a natural feel to the transmitter, now all of the up down left and right can be controlled from the right hand stick and elevator from the left. Is this thd way it should be??

  • arguetabayron:

    I plan on buying a few more models but want to try this ond out first. Please gelp me fly this jet. I will greatly appreciate it. You can email me even better please make a video showing us (new to this hobby) how to set up our transmitters to the planes.

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