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A friend and viewer of rcFoamFighters, Derrick Rose, sent us some pictures and information for a cool speed plane he has designed. He wanted to share his plane design with everyone and provided the information and pictures below.  Nice work on the plane Derrick and thanks too for sharing your design with all of us.



(Below is email from Derrick)


Hi Frank, Paul and friend,
Here’s a blue print for a 3 or (4) cell speed airplane by Derrick Rose. Nose to tail 1 feet 11 inches, wing to wing 2 feet 6 inches. You will need one sheet of 1/4 inch foam board from Wal-Mart & 1/2 inch & 1 inch foam from Home Depot. This wing design is a KF-2
1- Cut total shape of plane from 1/4 foam board
2- Cut the KF-2 wing design which includes the 2 inch middle. (one hole sheet) Lay in arrow shafts or carbon rods.
3- Sand front & back edges 1 inch about 45% (shape the wing)
4- Cut 1 inch foam 2 feet 6 inches long & 2 inches wide. Lay down the middle of the KF-2 foam
5- Cut a 2 inch sq. from the 1/4 foam board epoxy on the back for motor mount
6- The battery is on the edge, so you will to cut a 1/2 foam about half way down from the nose, so the the battery will lay flat
7- Shape nose, make 1 or 2 fins, tap on elev ect…
With a 4 cell plane you can use= (Hobby King) Turnigy 60 AMP speed controller; Zippy flight-max 2650 mah 4 cell; Turnigy SK series 35-36 1400 kv/550w; 8×6 or 8×7 propeller. Note the 8×7 flying time is 5min. or less. This is a very fast airplane,  have fun!

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