Hello Paul and others,

After watching many of your test videos, I kind of feel like starting by saying, “Hey Guys, lets take a look at ….it’s pretty much dialed in!” LOL That is soooo Midwestern dialect!  I enjoy it a lot.  Anyway I built a couple of your FF-22’s both flew super, the second one was better than the first due to learning somethingfrom the first one.  Then I went for the FF-15, and WOW, I could not get that one dialed in before destroying it.  I always wanted to fly an F-15!

I got an idea about taking the FF-22, pretty much as designed, and modifying the planform to look like an F-15, hoping to get the nice and smooth flying characteristics of your FF-22, but the looks of an F-15.  I basically left the wing sweep alone, fuselage the same, cut the trailing edge of wing and wing tips to look more like the F-15, trimmed the twin vertical stabilizers, set them at 90 degrees to wing surface, and reshaped the elevator to look a little more f-15ish.  Got it done!  Maiden flight was last evening, and the result is exactly as I thought.  It looks kind of like an F-15, sort of, but handles like the FF-22, maybe slightly less drag.  I’ll attach a picture, top view so you can see the differences.  Anyway that’s about it for now, just thought you guys might be interested.

Hey Paul why is the FF-15 design so twitchy?  Does it require speed to be stable?  The FF-22 causes me no problem at all.  One thing I noticed with the FF-15 was at times it might roll right, I would counter with left, sometimes full left and it would continue banking right.  I was flying it with ailerons’, and elevato,r no mixing of elevons at all.  Is that possibly the problem?

Thanks Guys, keep up the interesting work.  For once I can fly RC without months of building, followed by seconds of terror, and not learning a whole lot!


Ron King

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