Hi Paul Petty,

I feel the Aurora is your best work to date “nice work”, watched the YouTube videos and quickly decided I had to build one with my spin on. So just finished and thought you might be interested in seeing how I interpreted your plans for the Aurora. I always build with Depron 6mm white but this time used 6mm black. The black depron is lighter, less brittle and sands nicely but not as strong, so with the KF2 and a CF spar the wing turned out light and strong. I will use it more now.

Wing Span              30 5/8″
Length                    38.5″
Flying Wt. W Battery 22.5 oz
Battery,Sky Lipo 30c 4s 14.8 Volts
ESC 50 Amp
Motor LX 2600 KV 18.5Volts
EDF Hercules 6 blade
EDF thrust @ 14.5 v=40oz (17.5oz + thrust on model)

Thanks Paul

Gary C
Rochester NY


4 Responses to “Gary Cuvelier’s FF-Aurora”

  • trich301:

    You’ve done a beautiful job with this model. I built a couple out of foam board that turned out nice, but this is really something. Good job with tail vectoring. Do you have any video of it flying? Once again great job.

  • Lord Vader:

    Really good looking plane, is it foam or glass over foam? Also, are there any plans? What size is the edf, 55, 64, 70, etc.?

  • SilvrSurfr:


    that is one awesome looking model. You have me convinced. I have two quick questions for you.

    1) How is the performance using the EDF?
    2) What did you use as a filler to prep for painting?

    Thanks Gary.


  • Kdewshowme:

    Yes What did you use as a filler to prep for painting? Very nice looking jet.

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