Here’s a quick email and some cool pictures Daren Holder sent us about some of the rcFoamFighters planes he’s made.



Hi Guys

Thought I’d flick you an e-mail with some pictures of my latest FF builds.
 I’ve been thrashing my FF T 50 for over a year now and its holding up well, it’s my all time favourite model! So I have had a go at some of the other plans on your website. The Euro fighter and the B2 from the MESA team,the Black Jack and lastly the Predator. I built the Black Jack with a 2836-2350 motor, it was a real hoot to fly, even in really high winds it handled just fine and the roll rate was a source of amusement to all who saw it! But it was way loud so I stripped out the motor to put on the Predator which I’ve had the parts cut out for for ages but gave up with thinking it was unlikely to fly due to the layout of the flying surfaces. How wrong I was. It fly s very well, and unlimited vertical performance.
I really enjoy building the FF planes, thanks guys.
Very Best Regards
Daren Holder
New Zealand

3 Responses to “Cool Planes by Darin Holder”

  • prazFlyr:

    Hi Darin,
    Your builds are great and the finish work is really detailes. Which one would you suggest would be best for a first timer to build.

  • ctfsoft:

    Good,like this

  • zhi:

    Your B2 is very beautiful.Is there a flight video?
    I have Aircraft model drawings.I also want to be a model。Thank you

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