We wanted to Provide a link to Amazon for those who can not find the below products locally. We do suggest you check your local stores first so you do not have  any extra costs as would be related to shipping and handling.


Weller TB100PK 30Watt Hot Knife Type Tool

  • This tool is espcially great for carving and creating pockets in Foam.
  • Also great for creating small channels to run servo and other wires.
  • Great to use on EPP, Blue Core, White Insuallation Foam and others.
  • Perfect temperture, not too hot, makes it easy to acurately control.
  • We Bought our tool at Lowes Hardware Store. Sure other hardware stores have it too.




Logan 1500 Foamboard Cutter

  • This tool is especially good at cutting 45 degree bevel cuts.
  • Flip blade and tool over and can be used to cut straight 90 degree cuts.
  • Very durable build and easier to hold than a Xacto knive or Box cutter.
  • Works great on Foamboard, Depron and thin cuts of EPP

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