Now that Phase 1 is complete our Bulletproof Build Along #1 will be moving into Phase 2.  Below we have listed the recommended parts that will be need to complete Phase 2 of this build.

General Building Materials:

  • 1/16″ x 4″ X 24″ Basswood (1) sheet
  • 1/8″ X 3″ X 36″ Balsa wood (1) sheet
  • 3/8″ X 3/8″ X 24″ Basswood (1) stick

Recommended Motor options:

Any 2000kv to 3000kv motor capable of 200watts output or more. Please note there are two motor options listed under motor examples. Please select accordingly to your flight skill. Option 1 is a less powerful setup, but should still offer great performance. Also option 1 is available at our Affiliate rcHotdeals at the link below, listed under “Combo Packages” once you follow the link. Option 2 is much more powerful and we recommend only pilots with some good flying experience to persue this option.
Motor Examples:

  • Option 1: Suppo BL-2212/6 2200kv Brushless motor & Suppo SP-30A ESC Combo (use 25c or 30c batteries)  Motor and ESC Combo available from our affiliate rcHotDeals, under “Combo Packages” for the low price of $29.99.


Link to rcHotDeals

Link to rcHotDeals


  • Option 2: TP 2415-09T 2700kv Brushless motor use with SuperSimple 50A ESC or equivalent 50amp ESC (must use 30c batteries with option 2). Option 2 is available via HobbyKing (HobbyCity). rcFoamFighters is not an Affiliate with HobbyKing (HobbyCity), but we have used them for parts on several occasions with positve experiences.

 Link to Option 2 motor at HobbyCity:

Motor stick mounts:

  • HTX stick mount (or equivalent stick mount)

Servos etc.

  • Hitec HS-82MG (2 needed) or any metal gear servos (9g to 19g)
  • Great Planes small 3/4″ nylon control horns (1 pair) or equivalent
  • Du-Bro super strength servo arms (1 set) or equivalent
  • Du-Bro control rods with metal clevis (1 pair) or equivalent

 Recommended Batteries 

  • Battery max constant amp draw must be 1.5 times motor max amp draw
  • Zippy Rhino 2250mah 3s1p 30c lipo batteries (67.5amp max constant)
  • Zippy Flight Max 2200mah 3s1p 30c lipo batteries (66.5amp max constant)


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