Well, we finished up the EPP Park Jet Video Series. After 6 videos we got the RC plane built, flown and dialed in. I am pretty happy with the way she turned out and glad how she flies. She is a pretty fast RC Park Jet once you get her up to speed. I hope you all enjoyed the video series too.  Please stay tuned to our YouTube channel, there will be many more projects coming out soon.

I’ve up loaded a FREE PDF Basic Template for this plane for anyone who may like to try and build one too. Just note, these are not intended to be complete instructions. These are intended for persons who already have building experience and can improvise where needed. That is what scratch building is all about anyways, right? A little later I will put a bit more effort into the plans and make them into full instructions. But for now I hope at least some of you will enjoy the basic template. Also you can watch the YouTube videos for some tips on the build I did.

Click on the Link or Picture below to get the FREE PDF file:



Link to Free EPP Park jet Template


Link to the recommended Brushless Motor and ESC for the EPP Park Jet:



You can view the whole EPP Park Jet Video series here:


4 Responses to “Free EPP Park Jet Template Plan”

  • ry_khan2003:

    waiting for your plan, i am very conscious about to build my own

  • mercuris:

    from malaysia here, very nice plan, fly very stable even in windy situation. tq. keep up the good work. looking forward for other models. tried in 1700kv 7′” prop 40ae sc 20/25c 3s lipo, esc n batt just a little bit warm so i think it fits. just require full throttle to take off probably the body its a little bit heavy. n plus i cant find 15mm here, so i get 3 of 5mm n glue them together as 3 layers

  • bereleah:

    I came across one of your videos on YouTube, and loved the concept of your planes. They are fast and fun and don’t break easily, and not expensive at all. So I decided that even though I’m a beginner I want to build the park jet for myself, it looks like a fantastic plane. One bonus I have is that my brother use to be into RC planes, and he left lots of good stuff laying around my basement that I could us, like a good radio control.
    I have just one question, what did you make the clear plastic window/cover in the front out of?

  • ElkySS:

    Has anybody built one of these out of FFF? I am working on one now and was wondering if there were any things that you may have picked up on another FFF build. Here is mine. http://www.wattflyer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=50945

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