We have been getting a lot of questions in regards to what we have been using to cover our RC Planes.

“How do get your rc planes so smooth?” “What do you use to cover your RC Planes?” “Where can I get Colored Sealing Tape??

So We wanted to just do a little write up to answer these basic questions.  Typically we have been using simple, low cost, colored carton sealing tape or packing tape. This low cost covering adds a nice shinny finish to your scratch built remote control foam plane. Below are a few examples.

rcFoamFighters Bullet Plane, FF-22 and FF-23

rcFoamFighters Bullet Plane, FF-22 and FF-23

The sealing tape works best with Foamboard RC plane designs since the surface of Foamboard is more easily gripped by the tape’s adhesive.  The sealing tape will work good with EPP, Depron or other foams too, but may be a little trickier to get it to attach to the surface well. Usually when we use the sealing tape with EPP or other Foam materials,  we first put strapping tape  around the edges of the wing and parts of the fuselage since it is more tacky and better at attaching to the foam. Then we run the layer of sealing tape from edge to edge, attaching to the strapping tape at the edges and uncovered foam in the middle.  Also we have noticed the sealing tape bonds much better when it is an EPP RC plane covered first with the Henry Brand Fiberglass Weave and adhesive, like on the EPP Park Jet and Bulletproof RC Plane.

One tip about using sealing tape that may help you in making your remote control plane look better, is to use a heat gun to shrink the tape. Typically Frank and I use a heat gun after the RC plane is fully taped up. You can use the Heat Gun to slowly heat up the tape till it starts to shrink just a little.  This will get rid of the wrinkles and make for a nice tight covering. Usually the sealing tape will first suck up close to the foam as its heated and actually reveal more wrinkles. But then as it slowly shrinks more, all the wrinkles tighten up and go away. Just be very careful not to hold the heat gun too close and over heat the tape. This will cause too much shrinkage and can even burn right through the tape. Its best to keep the heat gun moving back and forth and slowly heat the tape up. Hopefully soon we can do a  video demo of taping a plane with this method.

Just remember sealing tape is just one option you can use to cover your RC plane and make it look nice. It will also make your RC Plane stronger. You can always use stuff like Monokote or Trimkote or similar materials. These just tend to be a little more costly. Anyway hope this helps. Just know we are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to make the hobby more affordable. We will try and pass along any tips we learn about to you our fellow RC Pilots/Builders. Please feel free to let us know of any tips you may have too make RC planes better and/or more affordable. The more we all learn together, the more fun we will have at this hobby of scratch building cool remote control planes.

So far we’ve had a hard time in finding any stores locally that sell colored sealing tape. We usually just buy our tape supplies from the internet. So last I just wanted to provide you all with a link to TapeBrothers.com, the place we get our tape from and seem to be the best priced.  rcFoamFighters is not an Affiliate of Tape Brothers, but we do recommend them based on our past purchases. They are fairly quick to ship and have good prices.

(click on picture to go to Tape Brothers Site) 

Link to TapeBrothers.com

Link to TapeBrothers.com


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