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Ok, now that I have finished the EPP Park Jet Plane I will be starting on a new project. This project will be to build an experimental Forward Swept Wing RC Plane that my good friend Chris Malysiak in California helped me design. Chris sent me his original concept idea and then I worked with him to develop it into an RC Plane design. We are both not sure how this design will perform, but figured we would give it a try and see what happens.

Here are some of the features that are planned for this new experimental plane.

  • EPP Construction
  • Use of Henry brand Fiberglass Weave to make stronger (Bulletproof IT!)
  • 24″ Wing Span (Forward Swept)
  • 2 Vertical Stabilizers (Tail Fins)
  • Stationary Front Canards
  • Elevon Controls Only
  • 3S Lipo Battery (Probably 1350mA)
  • Low Cost $6 Turnigy Motor (Same as on our Monkey Plane)
  • 25A ESC
  • KFm2 Airfoil (Not sure how this will work on forward swept wing)

Here is a picture of the concept design:

Experimental Forward Swept Wing RC Plane Design

Experimental Forward Swept Wing RC Plane Design


So, wish me luck in getting this bird built and flying! I will be posting video on our Youtube Channel of the progress of the Build of this plane. So please stay tuned!



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  • blackwidow:

    I saw this airplane today. It was sooooo cool I was wondering what I was seeing. I finally found you! and to think it was over LaGrange GA

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