Thank You!

To all our Viewers and Subscribers we would just like to thank you all for the great support you have been giving us! From the begining of our Youtube Channel, 5 Months ago, You have all been very supportive and continually encourage us to make our videos and website better. Frank and I are always in a constant struggle for time, so we apologize in the areas we are slow to get too… Like making plans, working on the website and other stuff.  You have all been great. Thanks for being patient, giving us constructive criticism, and ideas of how to improve our videos, planes and website. We greatly appreciate it.

Our Idea.

So, we had an idea to have a monthly drawing that all of our YouTube Subscribers can Enter. We wanted to use this Drawing to hopefully thank you all and also at the sametime try to encourage more people to join our growing network of friends.

Information about the Monthly Drawing.

So here is what we are planning to do as a trial run. Each month we will be giving away some sort of Prize. It may be Brushless Motor, Lipo Battery, rcFoamFighters T-Shirt, or even a Mystery Prize.  You, our YouTube Channel Subscriber, will be able to choose what drawing you want to enter by sending us an Email for that specific months Drawing/Giveaway. During the last Week of each month we will randomly pick an Email and thus select the One Winner. 

How to Enter the Drawing.

To enter the Drawing, Each month you will need to do the following:

  1. Subscribe to our rcFoamFighters YouTube Channel if not already
  2. Send an email to
  3. In email include your YouTube Name
  4. Make Email Subject ” (Month) (Year) Drawing” . Example: “June 2009 Drawing”

That’s it, do this and you will have a chance to win a monthly prize.

Prize to kick off our Trial Drawing/Giveaway:

For this first Drawing/Giveaway, for the Month of June, the prize will be:

  • One 2700kv Brushless Motor (rated at 500w)
  • One Motor Mount (Stick type)
  • One 50A brushless ESC
  • One 5v BEC
June 2009 Prize!

June 2009 Prize!


Good luck!

We wish each of you good luck and again wish we were super rich so we could afford to give you all a prize. I guess this will be on a trial basis to see how it goes. Please feel free to give us your opinion or feedback if you like or dislike this idea. We want to build rcFoamFighters into a place you like to visit, so again your feedback is precious. Thank you all very much!

Please Help Support rcFoamFighters Efforts…

Please help support our website and Youtube Channel by spreading the word about us with your friends that may be interested in RC planes.

Also you can help us greatly by please visiting our Ad Sponsors listed in the sidebar that interest you. The better support we give our sponsors, the more they will help in sponsoring rcFoamFighters. And this hopefully will mean we will be more able give better prizes, keep plans and information Free of Cost and hopefully one day make rcFoamFighters our Primary Focus.


Update! Gary Shoaf is the winner of the June 2009 Drawing!

Our congratulations to Gary and Thanks to all those who participated and entered the 1st ever monthly drawing! Stay tuned, more drawings to come.

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  • Great site, I really enjoy all of the videos. The technical info is a big help too! It just goes to show that the art of building r/c airplanes isn’t dead. Not that there is anything wrong with ARF’s and RTR’s. When I built balsa rc airplanes before it was almost as much for the act of building as it was for flying them.

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