Great place to get Henry’s Style Fiberglass Weave.

Hey Everyone,

As you probably already know from watching our YouTube Videos,  both Frank and I have been building EPP Planes covered with the Henry’s Fiberglass Weave. A lot of you have been emailing or leaving comments about where this stuff can be purchased. We have been purchasing it through Home Depot, where it is typically about $9.00 for a 6-inch wide by 25-Foot roll. Not too bad, but can get kind of pricey if you use it a lot. So I went off searching on the internet to try and find a good source to buy this stuff for cheaper. Whenever we can, both Frank and I like to pass on the information to all of you when we find a way to save money.

Well my searches were far and wide, but I did finally find a place out of Arizona that sells roofing supplies. They have a material pretty much identical to the Henry’s  Weave, Only they have it in 150 foot rolls and in different widths! They have it in 4-inch, 6-inch and 36-inch widths! Awesome, this is great for building RC Planes. both Frank and I have ordered some of the weave from this site and are very happy and pleased with their quick shipping and the quality of the fiberglass weave.  It is pretty much dead on the same as Henry’s.  I would not be surprised if it was made  by Henrys. Oh, and the best part is its cheaper for a 6 inch 150 foot roll from, then it was for a 6 inch 25 foot roll from Home Depot! It’s only $6.75 for the 150 foot roll! That’s Five times as much weave for a cheaper price, what a great savings! I believe they do international shipping too.

Well here is the site link to Best where the weave can be found (Just Click on the Picture):

Link to

Link to

Hope this helps at least some of you, Happy building!

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  • RC Gramps:

    How do you attach this fiberglass weave material to the surface of your project? Do you use resin or some other kind of adhesive?

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