Picture of the orginal Foam Fighter 22 (FF-22)

Picture of the orginal Foam Fighter 22 (FF-22)


Hey Everyone,

I’m finally getting a little time to start drawing up some basic plans for the planes Frank and I have been building. This will be the second FREE basic template posted to our blog. I plan on adding more as time allows, so please bare with us as we are very limited on time.

Anyway, below is a link to a Free PDF of the original Foam Fighter 22 (FF-22) plane I made a few months back. (Note this is not the template for my current EPP FF-22). For anyone who may not have seen the ATF video series, where I built both the FF-22 and FF-23 plans out of Foamboard, Please see the video series in the YouTube player below.  In these videos you can see how the plane was developed and how it actually flies.

Just to hopefully be proactive in answering questions on why I used Foamboard instead of Depron or Fan Fold Foam, it’s because it was another experiment we did to research the viability of using foamboard. We know foamboard is a lot heavier than Depron or Fan Fold, but we thought if you give the plane adequate power, having the extra weight can actually be good for stability in windy and other conditions. Anyway, I believe the plane turned out pretty good and I just wanted to share these plans with anyone who may want to try and build one too.

Please note too that I’m sure you could build this plane out of Depron or Fan Fold Foam and still get great results. I have not tried it yet, so if anybody does please let me know. I’m sure you will have to add some carbon spars in the appropriate areas as determined. Note the foamboard plane did not require any carbon spars.

Last I would just like to state these are not “complete building instructions”, but rather just basic templates for those who are inclined to do a little improvising and adapting there on twists to the plane.  We would like to by doing this hopefully help people become better scratch builders themselves and even coming up with and share better ideas then we may have had. Thats what scratch building is all about, improvising and making it your own!

So for anyone interested here is the link to the Free FF-22 basic Template plans. (Click on the below Picture to download the PDF Plan):

Click on the picture to get the FREE FF-22 PDF Plan
Click on the picture to get the FREE FF-22 PDF Plan

(Note: Anyone who  downloaded the PDF prior to 7-12-09, please re-download, I found I was missing template  page “P6”. It is now corrected. Sorry for the mistake, I think the late nights are catching up with me, LOL)

Link to the YouTube Video Series with the FF-22 build. Please watch to see how I built this plane along with the FF-23 plane. (FF-23 plan coming soon).

4 Responses to “Free Foam Fighter 22 Basic Template (FF-22)”

  • I like the pdf plans. I am starting a FF-22 right now. I woild like to know if the plans for the foam board F-15 were or are going to be available soon if at all? I like the looks of the F-15, and I think that I would like to start my own “Foam Board” Squadron.

  • ginger93:

    I was wondering if there is any possible way of using duct fan EDF’s for this plane instead of prop??

  • johnnyrotten:

    Hi all i went for the basic set up with the ff-22 and it seems really slugish with the 2212/6 motor and recommended prop 5.25×4.75 , can anyone recomend something to give this plane a bit more go thanks john

  • pujolflorida:


    I’m very happy that a came across this website, it inspired me to come back to this wonderful hobby.
    I’ll give the FF-22 a shot, I’ve got the plans, foam board and tools. I’ll be posting pictures soon, this is my first scratch build.


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