If you have been following the Bullet Proof RC Plane Build Along series of videos you probably know about the recent crashes I had with the plane due to receiver issues. These crashes were caused by either low voltage lockouts or receiver range issues resulting in two destroyed LiPo battery Packs. After that happened I decided to solve the problem before it destroys any more batteries. Here are a few things I found out:

  • Spektrum makes a plug in capacitor to eliminate low voltage lockouts
  • Spectrum Parkflyer receivers only have a 1000ft range
  • Park flyer receivers are not recommended for fast planes or high flyers
  • LiPo Batteries can be disposed of easily and are environmentally safe
  • LiPo batteries must be completely discharged before disposing
  • Bad or damaged LiPo Batteries can be safely discharged in a salt water solution.

Please watch the video below for more information:


Thanks and I hope This can be useful for anyone having these issues or better yet will help to keep you from encountering them. If you do end up with any damaged Lipo Batteries you will at least know how to dispose of them properly. Thanks for visiting rcFoamFighters Blog and for all your support. Here are some links to the information I found.

Downloadable PDF file on ThunderPowerRC web site on proper disposal of LiPo Batteries:


Spektrum plug in capacitor to eliminate low voltage lockouts:

Forum on Spektrum Parkflyer Receiver Range :

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