Hey everyone, I gave Paul the dimensions to my new plane The Sky Fighter version 2 and he has already finished the basic template plans for the plane. These are not intended to be 100% complete plans with full instructions but more or less the basics that you would need to build the plane on your own.  After all we like to promote scratch building planes and are not selling kits or complete plans. We would like to see everyone personalize their plane to make it their own. So please use these templates along with your own imagination to finish the plane to your own likings. Here are some of the specs and features of the Sky Fighter v2:

  • Bulletproof construction from EPP Foam and Henrys fiberglass weave sandwich layers
  • Built for all out speed with thinner 15mm wing , narrow fuselage  and rear mounted motor
  • extremely maneuverable with very high roll rate 3 or more rolls per second
  • 26.5 inches long with 28 inch wing span a.u.w. approximately 24 ounces
  • Power system Suppo 2200kv Brushless motor and Suppo 30amp Brushless esc combo
  • Batteries Zippy Rhino 30c 1350 mAh 3s1p LiPo
  • Capable of speeds well over 80mph with apc 6″ x 4″ prop
  • Watt Meter results with apc 6″x 4″ Prop – 300watts @ 28amps
  • This Plane is not recommended for beginner pilots

Please Click on picture below for FREE DOWNLOAD of PDF templates:

Free Sky Fighter V2 PDF Template

Free Sky Fighter V2 PDF Template


View the YouTube Video of the Sky Fighter below:

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