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We have been getting a few questions time to time about converting dimensions from English to Metric on plans or converting miles per hour to kilometers per hour, etc. The other day I was doing a little searching on the Internet and found a Freeware Conversion Calculator. Its very basic, but its packed with some good conversion tools for converting units from English to Metric or vice versa. Also for converting to different types of measurements, like converting Watts to Horsepower (Under “Power” tab). 

Here is a screen shot (Click the Picture to Download Zip File):

Click Picture to Download Free Metric Conversion Calculator

Click Picture to Download Free Metric Conversion Calculator


All in all I found the tool to be basic and straight to the point. Very easy to use and nice and compact. I know if any of you are like me, you can never remember all the conversion factors off the top of your head. So it’s handy when needed. Anyway just thought  I’d share the tool I found. I hope some of you will find this too useful.

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