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I just wanted to share a quick review of a some cool T-Shirts I recently ordered from HistoricAviation.com.  I also wanted to inform you all of the HistoricAviation website in general.

Well I’m not sure how many of you are into aviation as much as I am,  I really like to learn all I can and like to collect memorabilia. Not just about RC Planes but real planes and Jet Fighters too. Well a little while back my Dad gave me a catalog to a cool site called HistoricAviation.com. They had some really cool and unique stuff in the catalog.   From cool T-shirts, to vintage nose art, to ceiling fans that look like the front end of an aircraft!

(Here’s a link to the website, just click on the picture)

Seeing all these cool things in the catalog  promted me to see what they had online. Well I found the website and did some searching around. The website is a bit cumbersome and not very easy to find things. But after I spent a little time searching around I found some pretty cool stuff. I found it best to download the PDF catalog to view items, then once you find something cool, just search the website by the item number.

I did order a couple cool T-shirts, one of an F-22 and one of an F-35. I was a little disappointed when I ordered them because they were on back order due to popular demand. So it took about a month for me to get them. I did finally receive the shirts and found that they were pretty good quality and worth their value. The images on the back of each shirt is pretty detailed and of good quaility too. So if anyone else would like to get some cool shirts but not in a total hurry to get them (possible slow shipping), I put some links below for you.

(You can click on each of the pictures by size to follow a link to the website) 

F-22 T-Shirt LinksF-22 tshirt
Medium Large XLarge XXLarge


F-35 T-Shirt LinksF35-tshirt
Medium Large XLarge XXLarge

Here are those cool ceiling fans I mentioned. I think I may have to get one those some day for the hobby room downstairs!


Cool Ceiling Fan LinksP-51fan
P-51 P-40 F4U Sopwith

Anyway, long story short, I found that they had some really cool products if you are a big Aviation fan like I am. It is a little hard to browes the site at first, but if you download the PDF catalog it helps a ton. rcFoamFighters also now is an affiliate to HistoricAviation.com. We plan on adding more product reviews for this site in the future.

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  • Dear Mr. Paul Petty,

    I really enjoyed your review of the F-22 and F-35 shirts. As one of the partners of AviatorTees.com (I’m also from Missouri, by the way!), I thought you might also like our F-22 designs. Feel free to check them out at http://www.aviatortees.com/airplanes/military/f22/f22designs.html.
    We offer a bunch of other military and commercial airplane shirts that might interest you. The list of plane shirts can be found at http://www.aviatortees.com/airplanes.html. If you decide you like one of the designs, feel free to let us know. We would be happy to make you a custom airplane shirt at cost . . . Maybe put an F-22 on the front and your logo on the back!
    Happy new year and I hope to hear back from you,

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