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I just wanted to post a quick write up on some RC Models with KF Airfoils. Both Frank and I have been pretty amazed with the results we are getting with the planes that have featured some of the various versions of the KF airfoils. So far Frank and I have experimented with the FMm2 airfoil (Top of the wing version) and the KFm4 airfoil (top and bottom version). Some of the planes that have featured them are the, new Bullet Plane, Tailless Delta Wing and the experimental forward swept wing plane. All of these planes seemed to fly with better stability than planes without KF airfoils. Frank mentioned how he was amazed with how much extra lift they seem to have and how they “Feel Locked In On Rails”.

So I just wanted to start keeping a sort of log and special area on our website with information on KF airfoils. As some of you may already be aware we recently started the category on our blog dedicated to “KF Air Foils and Dick Kline Articles”. In this area of the blog we will try and keep all the information as related to KF Airfoils and on occasion we may even have other articles from the KF Airfoil inventor, Dick Kline himself. Dick Kline has already been kind enough to contribute some articles and write-ups on his cool invention. Both Frank and I are very grateful to have Dick Kline as a friend. I’m hoping in time to make this area of the Blog a good resource for people to learn, share and discuss the different versions of the KF Airfoil and also a good place where all of us RCer’s can help Dick Kline prove the value of his simple but awesome invention. 

Last, if anyone feels so inclined to want to share their findings or examples of KF Airfoil RC planes, please feel free to contact or email us at admin@rcfoamfighters.com . We will be glad to post any good articles or videos that may help others learn from your findings.

Before I close this article I just wanted to link a couple of videos you may have already seen on YouTube of examples of KF airfoil planes.

This video is on the two delta wing planes Frank made. One with the KFm4 Airfoil and one with out. We fly them back to back and see how they handle.


This video was made by our friend Ken or ‘Wildhover” on YouTube. He made a cool video for us to let us know of his findings on the KFm2 airfoil on his scratch built Euro-jet. Ken jokes that it is boring, but I know I thought it was good and informative. Big thanks to Ken for sharing his findings and for giving us permission to have it on our Blog.


Last is a video of Frank’s newest plane with the KFm2 Airfoil. There has been some argument that KF airfoils cause too much drag. I think Frank’s plane shows it’s not very slow, or hindered by the KF airfoil. It shows its still a very fast airfoil and also Frank notes how super stable the plane flys.

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