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Just wanted to add a quick product review write up for the Proxxon Hot-Wire Foam Cutter.  For everyone who may be into scratch building foam RC planes, there is a cool tool for cutting all types of Foam, easily, fast and efficently. Frank and I are always searching for affordable, but good tools to help aid us in the production of all the scratch build RC airplanes we make.  So far one of the best tools to date that we have found is the Proxxon 37080 Hot Wire Cutter (THERMOCUT).

Please see Frank’s Video Review here:




Here are a few quick bullet points about the Foam Cutter:

  • Adjustable Temp Setting via a Dial.
  • 98 Feet spool of  replacement wire (Should last quite a long time).
  • Aluminum Table top finish with measured straight and angular guidlines.
  • Adjustable Hot-wire. You can angle the hotwire, good for making Beveled cuts.
  • Sturdy, Quality Construction
  • Fully adjustable guide fence. Can be set at various angles or straight. Can also be used on front or side of cutting table. (one of the most awesome features)
  • 13-25/32″ Throat with a 5-33/64″ height.
  • Seen as low as $104.

Bottom line is both Frank and I give it a 5-star rating. I think its definately one of the best tool purchases we have made. Our build times are quicker and easier with this tool. I think its a great value for just over $100. It has great quality, it’s, versatile and easy to use with great results. If you are only building a plane once in a long while then it may not be the best for you, but if you build many planes often as we do, then I think you’ll find it well worth the price.

Last if anyone is looking to purchase one, you may look at your local craft or hobby stores to find one. Frank and I purchased ours through Amazon.com. I’ve included a link below for anyone who may be interested in getting one from Amazon too.

2 Responses to “Product Review: Proxxon Hot-Wire Foam Cutter”

  • jimmycat:

    Just receive my Hotwire Cutter THERMOCUT
    Used the link form your page to amazon.com the red Wire inside bottom is off
    Can you tell me which way it goes?
    Alternatively, show me a photo
    Thanks Jim

  • Scott:

    Will This cut thru foam board?

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