Foam Fighter 15 (Version 1.0)

Foam Fighter 15 (Version 1.0)

Here is the Free Basic Template plans for the Foam Fighter 15 (FF-15). This plane was inspired by the F-15 Eagle, the US Air Force’s top fighter for many years.    Again this model is not a true replication of the F-15 but does share many of the features and looks. As always, the design is adjusted to help enhance the capability as an RC plane. Things like large airducts, slightly increase wing span and other minor deviations from the true shape of the F-15. I think it still resembles the actual plane, but again is not ment to be a true scale looking model.
The template plans also like usual are not intended to be all inclusive instructions, but just a basic template and guideline on how the plane can be built. This PDF along with the FF-15 video series we did on YouTube should help anyone wanting to build one these planes for themselves. This plane is a fast and agile model and may not be the best choice for someone just beginning to fly RC Airplanes.  This plane instead should be built by those with at least a bit of flying experience.  Anway, below are the free plans, best wishes to anyone who decides to build one!
(Click on below picture to download the FREE PDF Plan)

Click on picture to Download Frre FF-15 PDF Plan
Click on picture to Download Free FF-15 PDF Plan


Last, here is the YouTube Video Series we did on the original Foam Fighter 15:

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