Multiplex FunJet

Multiplex FunJet

Hey Just want to let everyone know that we will be doing occasional reviews of Kit planes that We feel fit in with our style and that we think would be fun to build and fly. Don’t worry our main focus is still going to be on scratch building. We just thought it might be a nice change to do every once in a while. Especially for those who may not be ready to scratch build. The MultiPlex FunJet definitely fits our style. I have been wanting to build one of these ever since I started seeing videos on YouTube of these planes flying 140 – 150 mph. Here are some quick points on this kit.

  • Easy to follow detailed instruction manual
  • High quality parts fit, finish and materials
  • Assembles with CA glue and a few tools
  • Quick assembly (one night with everything needed)
  • Will accept a large variety of batteries and power systems
  • Motor mount adjusts with screw from + 5 degrees to – 5 degrees
  • Ram air ventilated fuselage to keep electronics cool
  • Servo covers provide protection and cleaner looks
  • Broad flight envelope from very slow to extremely fast
  • Very predictable and stable flight characteristics
  • Docile enough for beginners extreme enough for experts

After only flying this plane for one weekend I am very impressed with the performance and how easy it flies. I’m sure I will be flying it a lot in the future and pushing the speed envelope more and more as I get more familiar with the plane. I would recommend the MultiPlex FunJet too any adrenaline high speed junkies out there!!! This Plane really lives up to Its name “FunJet”!!!

Here is a the YouTube Video Review:




Last if anyone would like to purchase a Funjet for them selves they can find them here at Hobby People.

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  • kayvannouri:

    can you please provide a link where I can but this model as well as a link for a better model with better foam.

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