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Just wanted to announce I finally got a little time to finish drawing one of Frank’s first Foamboard Airplane Designs, the FB-28. This plane is a good Delta wing plane with some aspects inspired by the F-117 Stealth Fighter. Frank added a few twists and made the design his own.  The Delta Wing platform makes for a good stable and easy to fly plane. Some of the early versions of the plane were actually slow flyers. Frank later made a faster version with the 2212/6  (2200kv) brushless motor.  This plane really seemed to fly good with all kinds of different setups. From 2S Lipo packs and 8-inch slow flyer props to 3S Lipo packs and 6×4 prop. For this edition of template plans we have even recomended the bigger Grayson Hobbies Super Mega jet as an option if you want some real speed. 

FB-28 (Fighter Bomber 28)

FB-28 (Fighter Bomber 28)


Anyway, I think a variety of RC Pilots can have fun with this plane, From beginners as a slow flyer on up to those who have been flying for a while and like the faster setup. It’s a fairly easy build to make. The base plane can be made with 2 sheets of regular Foamboard. You may need additional foamboard if you make the battery box out of foamboard too. But as with all scratch builds, you can customize it and make it you own.

Well here is the link to the PDF plan (Click on the Picture):

Click on the below picture to download the Free Plane

Click on the above picture to download the Free PDF Plans

Also Frank had some instructions he wrote up a while back for the earlier models of the FB-28. I have included them here incase anyone may like to see them too. They are not completely like what is depicted in the PDF plans, but still may be very helpful in providing more information on how the plane can be built.
Here is the link to the instructions (Click on the picture):
Click Above Picture to Download the Assembly Instruction Manual

Click Above Picture to Download the Assembly Instruction Manual

Also for anyone interested, here is a link to rchotDeals, where you can get the recommended 2212/6 motor and 30A ESC Combo deal for $29.99
Link to rcHotDeals


Good luck to anyone who decides to build the FB-28. Please let us know if you do, we love to see how others build the planes we design.

Thanks and Happy Flying!


7 Responses to “Free FB-28 Basic Template Plan”

  • vinniegiovanni:

    Just a question.
    I am planning to use a Grayson Hobby MicroJet V3 on the FB 28. Will this be enough power? I am not looking for a realy fast plane. I just want it to fly well.

    Thank you,

    Vinnie G

    P.S. This site is so cool.

  • Frank Petty:

    vinniegiovanni that motor should work fine as long as it can turn at least a 6×4 prop.You will probably want to use a little bit smaller battery than the recommended 2200mAh LiPo as long as you can keep the CG where it says per the plans. That would be to help keep the weight down because that motor won’t have as much power as the recommended set up.

  • vinniegiovanni:

    Thank you Frank. I think I will get two motors for it to swap if need be.

  • kayvannouri:

    Hi, I am working on the same model but cant figure out what is that part that connects the servo rod to the tail ??? please send me a link maybe on hobby-king so I can order it. its a very small plastic piece that connects the control rod to the tail

  • Frank Petty:

    kayvannouri what you are looking for are called “control horns”. You can find them on HobbyKing’s website under hardware & accessories or you could just do a search on the internet for “rc control horns”. Your local hobby shop shold have these as well.

  • Nickuk28:

    Hi i would like to build this rc fighter and have a few quiestions.

    I would like to know what thickness foam board i should use? and do you have a link for the foam glue and activater spray that speeds the glue’s drying time.

    Great site by the way and the vids are great ive watched quite alot on youtube great work.

    Regards Nick

  • Frank Petty:

    Nickuk28 the FB28 was originally built from 6mm Elmers foamboard the kind you can buy at most craft stores and even some retail stores. Some dollar stores carry 6mm foam board aswell. We used hot glue to put the plane together. You can also get this glue and a hot glue gun at crafts stores.

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