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I was just filming the video for Veterans Day and it reminded me of my old days back when I was in the military. I was in an Air Defense Unit  in the US Army. Back in those military days I used to study from an aircraft manual to get familiar with different aircraft from many nations. I remembered these manuals to be pretty basic, but packed with some really good information. The manuals had the 3-Views of each aircraft, great to help in rc plane designs. Also good methods for identifying aircraft in the sky. So anyway,  I decided to do some searching on the internet and found a military site that had a more recent copy of the manual available for free to the public downloads. I figured I would post it here for download too. Take a look I think you will find that it has some cool information.

Click on picture to download or right click and select “save target as”.




FM44-80 VACR Manual

FM44-80 VACR Manual





Well hope the manual will come in handy for you.

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