Hey everyone I finally put a 5 cell setup in my FunJet and man is it fast!!!! Below is the video of the installation and first test flights along with a list of the components and prices. I got all this from HobbyKing .com for under $90 so this is a very affordable and powerful setup (1600watts) Check it out!!

  • Turnigy 3648 1450kv brushless motor (rated @ 1600watts) $19.89
  • HobbyKing 90-100amp esc $29.99
  • Turnigy 3-5amp ubec (rated for 2-5 cell LiPo) $7.83
  • Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 5S1P 40C LiPo Battery $32.17
  • Total cost (89.88)

Link to HobbyKing.com!


13 Responses to “Affordable (1600watt) 5 cell setup for Multiplex Funjet”

  • I got all this from HobbyKing .com for under $90 so this is a very affordable and powerful setup (1600watts) Check it […….

    Да,даже толпу не может завести) Скучно)…

  • 2Fast4U:


    after u superb video tutorial, thumbs up, i ordered the exact same setup as u. But in my setup the motor just starts beeping. Switched out motors, ubec’s. Only thing i haven’t tried is the esc. Could it have something to do with timing ??? Do u know a place for a manual of the esc ???

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work of those video’s.

  • plevus:

    2Fast4U, remember to connect bec to one spare channel on yout receiver, we had the same propblem. Also remember to trim your throthle to the minimum, it help sometimes when setting up new model 😉

  • plevus:

    did anyone make the setup with that turnigy 3648 engine? We have exactly the same setup as the one above, just installed on funjet ultra, but we get vibrations from half throtle and up. Vibrations occur no matter if the prop is installed or not. when we test the engine alone (not mounted in the funjet), there are no vibrations.. Any ideas how to fix that?

  • Frank Petty:

    plevus this is usually cause by either the timing of the esc not being set right or the soft start on the esc is on. Make sure the soft start option is off and set the esc timing to the highest degree possible. I usually run this motor with 30 degrees timing at 16KHz on the PWM (Pulse Width modulation) setting.

  • hagg164:

    Could someone ,give me an idea of a good Motor Electronic set up for a funjet that will fly it slow …Am kinda a beginner pilot …Flown a Wild Hawk quite a bit but want to fly my new funjet …Need a idea of good slow set up…Thanks

  • jon mayfield:

    can someone please tell me how to program HobbyKing 90-100amp esc the engine vibrations so i think i need to ajust the timing

  • Frank Petty:

    jon mayfield here is a link to the esc manual from Suppo motors. It has all the settings for the HobbyKing 90-100a esc.


    Set the motor timing to 30 degrees and the PWM to 16KHz for the 3648-1450kv motor. These settings work best with this motor.

  • new2-2jets:

    Hello All.
    I recently purchased a funjet (second hand) with the above running gear, it pulled 1700 watts @ 92 amps.
    The esc broke so just to be on the safe side I replaced the esc and motor-like for like and now I only get 1400 watts @ @ 82 amps.
    I have reset (3 times) the esc to the above settings via the beep beep booooop method but to no avail.
    Can anybody help me what is wrong please?
    Thanking you in anticipation

  • chowell:

    Ugh the price went up to $26 8(

  • rclover:

    Pleaseee helpppp me i have vibration in my motor my esc is 90 hobbyking plzzzz helppp

  • Frank Petty:

    rclover it is probably the esc timing that is causing this. Set the timing too the highest setting, I and the had mine set to 30 deg and the PWM set to 16kHz if that doesn’t fix it you may need to balance the motor cam by adding some weight between the magnets.

  • redhood:


    I am running this motor with a 190amp Hobby King esc. I get the vibration at around half throttle. I see your solution for this. My motor also cuts out at around 70 amps would these setting help this problem as well? Thanks

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