After using this system in my FunJet to hit 146mph I have to believe this is the ultimate low cost 1600watt power system for under $90.  I will definitely be using this system in more of my upcoming builds as I think there is more to be squizzed out of it!! If you haven’t seen the FunJet video please check it out below. I have also included direct links to the seperate components to this system for those who dare to go this fast!!!! The complete setup for under $90 includes the following (Click on the pictures to go to Hobby City’s Website for even more information) :
Turnigy 3648 1450kv 1600watt Brushless Motor

Turnigy 3648 1450kv 1600watt Brushless Motor


HobbyKing 90-100amp esc rated for 2s-7s LiPo Cells

HobbyKing 90-100amp esc rated for 2s-7s LiPo Cells


Turnigy 3-5amp UBEC rated for 2s-5s LiPo Cells

Turnigy 3-5amp UBEC rated for 2s-5s LiPo CellsZippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo


Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo

Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo



1600watt FunJet video – Hitting 146mph at Hermann Airport. Check it out!!!!

26 Responses to “Ultimate 1600watt Power System for under $90”

  • alergigo:

    GUAAUUU!!!!nice setup funjet and web!!! this is what i was looking for!!!
    so happy to find your web, thanks for your work and for helping us..
    would like to ask for your funjet setup!
    how long can you fly in this setup?
    i would like to try it, i think i will!!!!
    it,s no so expensive!!

    do you have news about this setup?


  • Frank Petty:

    Thanks alergigo!!! I’m guessing the run time is about 4-5 minutes of mixed flying but feels longer. It’s more than enough time for me at those speeds, lol!! The pictures of the components above are direct links to the parts on HobbyKing’s website, just click on the pictures. Please be sure to have a look at the FunJet 1600watt power system installation video on rcFoamFighters YouTube channel for details on installing this system.

    Thanks for your support,


  • Matos:

    I buy this setup, but can you give me the speed control setup?
    Great site i love your reviews THANKS!!!!

  • Поздравляю, великолепная мысль…


  • Xavier:

    great setup indeed : looks like higher KVs with small props are not the best solution for a Funjet : the back of the fuselage is large and “hides” the prop.
    Multiplex says the new Funjet Ultra will fly as fast as the V1 with less Watts.
    Alternative solution to be tried : Skyfun by Skyartech, well designed, stable, with a flat back, motor and esc are perfectly cooled. Flies fast with only 480 watts (not the stock motor). Waiting for a 700 watts rated Turnigy, hope that the 260 km/h pitch speed (160mph) expected will allow it to reach 200 Km/h. Plane has a huge battery bay, I will try the 1600 watts setup.

  • Razorfish:

    Hi, Just wondering why you run a 5S instead of a 6S. Specs for the motor say 3-6. UBEC says 2-5 cells but if I really wanted to run 6S then I’d run 6S. Dump the UBEC, and figure out alternate Rx power. Even adding a dedicated Rx battery would be a choice. Thanks, Mike

  • Frank Petty:

    Razorfish the main reasons I never ran 6s is because of the lack of room in the fuselage and the extra weight it would add to the plane. It was a tight fit getting the 5s batteries to fit and still allow some airflow through the fuselage to keep the esc cool. I already had to cut off part of the bottom of the canopy for this to work. I was concerned about the extra weight seeing as the plane already weighs 2.5 pounds without any fiberglassing. Any heavier than this and fiberglassing would become a necessity in keeping the plane together in flight. I just didn’t want to have to deal with all of that.

  • Nice motor, run a similar Hyperion 1300 kv on my Ritewing on 4S with a 9 by 6 apc prop at 96 amps, drops to 80 odd on an 8 by 8 apc sport prop.

    My question is what prop are you running on 5S, may have to give this motor a crack, the price is right ! i will run two of them on my 80″ wing, one front, one rear (counter rotating) so with 3200 watts total, could be a recipe for fun !

    Also, what theme are you using for this blog, I use “twentyten” but quite like the look of this one ?



  • Frank Petty:


    Both Paul and I have run 7 inch APC sport props with the 5s setup with great success. I used an APC 7×6 sport prop on my FunJet to get into the 140mph range and paul uses an APC 7×8 sport prop to get his Super Nova Jet to get into the 140s as well. You can order them from if you don’t have a local hobby shop you like. I’m not sure if you can get these as counter rotating props but have a look.

  • Hi Frank,

    Thank you for the info on the prop, will definately have to look into getting one.

    Currently in “scribble on paper” stage of doing a fast lifting body, so they would also work for that project as well

  • helifool:

    Can you give any advise on throws/DR’s/expos?

  • Frank Petty:


    I would suggest going with the manufacture suggested throws that are in the maual that comes with the FunJet. I usually set my expo at 60% on most of my planes. Set up like that it will give you a very docile maiden flight. Afterwards you can adjust the rates to your liking and style of flying.

  • […] Ultimate 1600watt Power System for under $90 HobbyKing amp esc rated for 2s-7s LiPo Cells. Turnigy 3-5amp UBEC rated for 2s-5s LiPo Cells. Turnigy 3-5amp UBEC rated for 2s-5s LiPo CellsZippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo Zippy Flightmax 2200mAh 40c 5s1p Lipo Alternative solution to be tried : Skyfun by Skyartech well designed, stable, with a flat back, motor and esc are perfectly cooled. Flies fast with only 480 watts (not the stock motor). Waiting for a 700 watts rated Turnigy, hope that the 260 km/h . […]

  • helifool:

    Could you suggest some cheap servos for this setup besides the corona 12g as Im trying to find something comparable in the us.

  • Frank Petty:

    helifool, any 12g metal gear servo will work. Choose whichever ones you like, Futaba, JR, Airtronics, Hitec, hobbyKing, Turnigy, etc. If you are not sure which ones you want you can always do a search on the internet for 12g metal gear servo.

  • classicrc:

    Frank – I am currently duplicating your power system with my new Fun Jet. The question that I have is what are your ESC settings? I am fairly new to electic and am not sure which settings that u used to program the Hobby King esc.


  • Frank Petty:

    classicrc, we found this motor likes the timing as high as it can go. I have mine set at 30 degrees and the PWM set at 16KHz. If you need the instruction on how to program the HK 90/100A esc you can find them here:

  • classicrc:

    Thank you sir!!

  • leonards:

    hi. i have just done this setup and im not very happy. i have another funjet with a black tornado 3200kv on 4s with 5×5 prop that is much faster then this setup….or i have done something wrong. i have done this setup just like you show on the video running with a 7×6 APC sport prop. plus this setup runs very very hot. can anybody give me some advice on what i have done wrong.

  • Frank Petty:

    leonards I only recommend running this motor with the esc timing set at 30 degrees and the esc PWM set at 16KHz. If you run it with settings other than these the motor will not run as smoothly and could also be why it is over heating. Also make sure your air passages are not completely blocked by the battery, wires, esc, etc. With out proper airflow through the fuselage the motor and other electronics will get hot. Remove some foam around the battery if necessary so air can get around it, bundle the wires together and tape them down to improve airflow, and velcro the esc in the bottom of the fuselage to reduce blocking the air flowing to the motor. If you are still over heating then check the motor bearings and lube them if needed. One last thing check motor clearance to make sure it is not rubbing on the foam inside the fuselage and make sure there is room for proper airflow around the motor.

  • leonards:

    Hi Frank

    I have done all the above before i did maiden. how about if i change to 6s with a 6.5×6.5 prop. see youtube “leonard speed demon” that is my black tornado setup running on only 4s. i like your setup and have done 2 jets now.only tested the one so far. I must say it is fast,(your setup) but i was expecting it to be faster then my other setup. i will reprogram the esc and test again. Thank you for your replay.Hope to hear back from you soon. o any other setup you can give for a faster funjet ultra.?

  • barkster:

    hey what motor mount did you use? Stock?

  • Frank Petty:

    barkster this motor will bolt directly to the stock motoer mount. You can watch the installation video on rcFoamFighters YouTube channel.

  • barkster:

    cool, will do… keep up the good work

  • Maximusc:

    Hello Frank-

    Is there a simmilar battery pack that would replace the one you have above? Hobby King is sold out of them. Just wanted to check before I bought a battery that would not work.


  • Frank Petty:

    Maximusc just about any 2200mAh 5s1p Lipo will fit. I have seen others use as big as 2650mAh and still make it fit. Just make sure they are good batteries and at least 40c rated on the discharge or you will over draw them and damage the batteries. If you want the ultimate I would suggest the Turnigy Nano-Tech 2250mAh 5s1p 65-130c LiPo.

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