Foam Fighter 117 (FF-117)

Hello Everyone!

Well I know I promised you all I would make plans for the FF-117 soon. Well I have finished them and they are posted below.

Just a few notes about this model. It is a little larger than some of the other foamboard models I have designed in the past. So needless to say the motor and power system required is a little larger. If you are going to build the model with the heavier Elmer’s foamboard, I recommend using a motor of 400watts or better. Something like the Grayson Hobbies Super mega Jet or Turnigy 2836-2350 motor from Hobby King. That or any other 400watt or greater motor. I ran the prototype with the Turnigy motor and 6×5.5 porp. It flew at about 70+mph. pretty good if you want to keep it a park flyer. I am thinking a motor that can handle a 7×6 prop and a good high rpm would really wake it up. This model has a 26 inch wingspan, I may make a smaller 22 inch version later and I also plan on making a bigger EPP version in the coming months. So keep your eyes open for those.

Top View of the FF-117

Oh, if any of you guys decide to build one, please fell free to let us know your thoughts on the plans and plane. And also feel free to share pictures or video of your plane.

Well below are the plans, Just click on the picture to download. Enjoy!


Click on Picture to Download a free copy

of the FF-117 (FoamFighter 117)  Template plans

Click on picture to download free PDF Plan!

13 Responses to “FF-117 (Foam Fighter 117) – Free Template Plans”

  • planemann2000:

    How is the top removable hatch held in place?

  • PPetty:

    I used magnets to hold the hatch cover down. You can use this method or velcro or any other method you like. Just remember its a scratch build and you can make the way you like it.

    Good luck and thanks for the comment.


  • rawvette:

    I’m new to scratch building. What kind of tape did you cover the plane with? I can only find Black Duct tape. I don’t know if that is to heavy or not. I’ve got it all cut out and ready to start taping and gluing it up.

    Also where did you get that 45 degree angle tool with the knife end on it seen in the youtube video?

    Thanks for your help.


  • PPetty:

    We usually use a thin colored packing/sealing tape. it is kind of hard to find. I usually order mine online through amazon. if you look at the sidebar ads on this website you can see the tape there. Also there is an article on the tape in the blog under product reviews.


  • Совершенно верно! Это хорошая идея. Я Вас поддерживаю….

    Just a few notes about this model. It is a little larger than some of the other foamboard models I have designed in the past. So needless to say the […….

  • rawvette:

    I purchased a 450 motor. When I mount the motor to the plane it see to loose power. I cannot get it to fly more then about 20 feet. The prop is a 6×4 composite propeller from Landing Products.

    Is there any help you can give me?

  • mrchips1471:

    hello i am from the uk and me and a friend have built the stealth bomer you have on your site we will be adding pictures very soon but i just wanted to ask i see no one has built this plane with a ducted fan can i ask is it possible to do this and if so what size ducted fan would you suggest for the size of the aircraft thank you for your time p.s your site is great for jets.

  • neu_tron:

    hi ive downloaded these plans and started the build. so far its coming along nicely. On the plans it said that I should make 70 degrees bevel cuts along the edge of several pieces. My question is how do I do that? for the 45 ones i purchased the “xacto foam board cutter” and it helped me a lot. Is there anything similar out there that will do the trick for 70? i dont want to do it with just an xacto because i know that i will mess up the cut for sure. also what would happen if i dont make the 70 degree bevel cuts and leave the spaces un-filled. Please reply as soon as possible since this is for a school project and im running close to the deadline. thanks

  • scooter:

    hi all i am going to be build the FF-117 but i would like to know what thicknesses depron foam must i use ????? can anyone help thanks

  • bizarro:

    Hello, have downloaded plans but is asking for a password??

  • aviateur:

    would like to know where are the cad plan available

  • tinger:

    what is the thickness of foam used for F117??????? pls reply me guysssssss

  • PPetty:

    The Foamboard is 3/16 inches, or roughly about 5mm. You can use 6mm depron to make the plane too, but will need to use carbon spars.

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